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New Pilgrims

I have always wondered exactly what is over that next mountain? What new adventure is awaiting my arrival? And when can I leave? It has always been that way with me. I’m not exactly sure why but it is the lure of travel and new vistas that has always captured my heart. Age has not diminished that lure. Age has actually made the temptation greater. Time, it would appear, limits me to one life and there is so much to see and so much to do that I find myself wishing for more minutes in the hour, more days within the week, more months within the year and if at all possible more life’s to live. So I have constructed a means, a way, a ruse to cheat Time. I can travel to places far, far away visit with whomever I wish and whenever I desire. Places that no one yet has seen. I can travel far into the future or if I wish I can go back deep within the past. The remarkable thing is that how I do this is not unique. I see it done, mostly by young children, when they play. This trickery, this means by which I travel is simply my imagination and with it I can do the most wonderful of things. By allowing myself to dream I can be transported anywhere and at any time I wish. So with my brushes and my oils I have traveled deep into the future where I beheld the most wonderful of sights. There before my gaze were the “new pilgrims”. They were landing on the shores of a “new world”. Brave new adventurers, romantics, and daredevils all. Not fearing the unknown. Intrepid explorers going where no one had gone before. So what a wonderful gift the Creator has given to me. The gift of imagination. When I feel too “adult” all I need to do is spend some time with some very young explorers. Children are the greatest of explorers, as they see for the first time the wonderful gift of imagination. What a joy it is to see them fashion new, vibrant ideas with supple minds that are open to all new discoveries. They leave “no stone unturned” as they explore everything and everywhere. Their minds are like “clean slates” waiting to be filled with the abundance of Creation. visionary imagist “Joey”

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John Cappello 18 Jun 2013

Great picture Beautiful Spacial landscape, Very calming with a very Colorful quality. What a Wonderful Creation

joe valcourt 13 May 2009

excellent work. Joe

pa fredrik 12 Jan 2009

good work, pl. see my portfolio

Ai Shan 30 Jul 2008

Fantastic artworks!

ron sargent 04 Jun 2008

Just an awesome piece of work!