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I loved the architectural facade of this old building. Unfortunately I could not reach a vantage point where the building was not obstructed by power lines. During a bout of insomnia, I decided to play around and try to correct the obstructions. This is the result (original photo below). Please be gentle with me - I only have iPhoto to work with, lol ;)


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Joanna Jungjohann 17 Aug 2007

very nostalgic feel to this, superb foto

Renata Cavanaugh 04 Aug 2007

Lovely photo

Mayme Crouse 04 Aug 2007

you did an awesome job can work wonders in Photo only and you just proved it......... I can see this neat building being used in one of your drawing......with little faces peeking out from the window..............

Ana Tirolese 03 Aug 2007

Excellent series of photos.