Mona, The found money fairy

This is Mona, the found money fairy. You know how every once in a while you find money lying somewhere, or you find money in a pocket that you didn't know you had. That is her job. She drops the money here and there and everywhere.


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tim linville 23 Dec 2010

I think She Forgot Me...or just does'nt think I need Money :( I only find Pennies!

Renata Cavanaugh 04 Aug 2007

I love her ears. Beautiful the colors

Maurizio Miele 01 Aug 2007


Jerry 29 Jul 2007

Exciting artwork!

Bailey Hopper 29 Jul 2007

I love that!! I was thinking wouldn't it be cool to make paintings that are sort of a visual positive reinforcement. Would they create good things? I just named one faerie 'Prosperity' so I think great minds think alike ;)

Artist Reply: I love using fairies to explain how things happen that we don't understand. I make some for good and some are naughty ((hehe)). Thanks for your comment!! ;)