Doughnut fairy

also known as Kristie the Krispy Kreme fairy!! yum yum!! colored pencil, touched up with photoshop

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Renata Cavanaugh 13 Jan 2005

I would think she would be a bit heavier...with all those donuts around. Ha, ha....cute

Sara Deutsch 10 Jan 2005

She's adorable and the forbidden donuts look delicious....

tim linville 31 Dec 2004

"D'oh!I missed her again!It's like that time I went to the mall to see Mr.T...but when I got there,they told me he just left".(Your Simpsons line of the day).

Lindy van den Bosch 15 Dec 2004

I am such a fan of your work, I want to draw the way you do, you are so free and creative. I really wish I would dare to just let my imagiation go like you do with yours, Wonderful painting as always

Justin Jenkins 12 Dec 2004

Man i like your style a lot. There is a flatness to the objects but somehow you manage to make it come alive and work effectively. Great works.