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Jasmin Ariel Floyd was diagnosed with Fibrodysplasia Ossificans Progressiva at the age of 5 1/2. FOP is a rare bone disease which causes connective tissues such as ligaments, tendons and muscle to turn to bone, confining the afflicted in a rigid and painful prison within their own body.

Now thirteen, Jasmin is a bright, spunky and talented teenager. With the loving support of her parents, Jasmin has created her own business called Jasmin Ariel Creations. Featuring her own artwork, Jasmin offers cards, stationery, calendars, magnet poems, soap, candles and gift sets. A portion of proceeds from Jasmin Ariel Creations is donated to the International Fibrodysplasia Ossificans Progressiva Association. To learn more about FOP and how you can help, please visit

FOP afflicts only one in two million people and is often misdiagnosed. Please help bring much needed awareness to this crippling disease and consider placing Jasmin's banner on your website. You can find Jasmin's banner and code at:

As a fellow artist, I have taken personal interest in Jasmin's work and invite you to visit her website at

Jasmin's Own Words -

I want everyone to know about FOP and be aware of this disease.  Only 1 in 2 million people have this rare disease in the United States.   All the IFOPA doctors are trying very hard to have some sort of treatment or medication.  They have succeeded with medicine that at least helps get some of the pain away.  I am very grateful to all the doctors and people who have helped make a difference and them and God help me to never give up and keep a smiley face whenever possible!

I hand draw cards and sell them and other gifts at stores and craft fairs.  My mom goes to a lot of the fairs to sell my cards and I go with her whenever I can.  It is very fun having a business but sometimes I just wish I could be a customer and not get noticed everywhere!  Several stores in Connecticut, Wisconsin, and California carry my items.  Whenever we sell my items, we give a percentage of the amount we make to the IFOPA for research.  Jasmin Ariel Creations is the name of my company.

(The detail image is a sample of Jasmin's work - used with permission)

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Anonymous Guest

Anonymous Guest 05 Dec 2006

Your portrait of Jasmin is perfect. I can say that because I have known her, and her amazing mother, for many years. Like Jasmin, our son, Daniel, has FOP; also like Jasmin, Daniel has a light inside of him that is totally his own. You captured hers, and it is breathtaking. Thank you for helping spread FOP awareness. As you know, most children are horribly misdiagnosed. Education and improved awareness are the best antidotes for that. Happy holidays and a healthy new year for us all!

John Graham Inkson 06 Nov 2006

Beautiful, expression and detail

Habeeb Hassan 01 Nov 2006

Wow. The drawing is very realistic. : )

Anonymous Guest 01 Nov 2006

As I have said before, I'm never disappointed when I see your work but this is a heart wrenching story also. I'll pray for this little girl and look into the purchasing of some of her cards. Bless you for helping her and as usual your work is phenomenal!!

Analua 31 Oct 2006