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Magic old as eternity

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder...and I truly believe it. I love old faces, I think each wrinkle brings its own story, I think they looks like a living magic. I am so sick sometimes of big breasted "beauties" in teared up parts of swimming suits in "baywatch style" almost on every fantasy book...Of muscular women holding giant swords fighting with same looking dragons over the same looking landscapes...I am sad that we tend to draw only "modeling type" of people...I am sad that sometimes all the fairies starting to look the same...they will be sitting in the same flowers, dressed in the same dresses......dont trow tomatoes at me dear lovers of all the things I mentioned above....I am just talking MY mind out loud....I may be wrong as well.... Sometimes I fight with myself because I think I am not being enough "commercial"...if I look around I see what "goes" and it is exactly all what I have mentioned above. But than this little gremlin inside me says.......I WANNA BE much that sometimes I even affraid to repeat myself...and than the card house of all the comercial stuff I wanted to paint is falling down....because this gremlin will be fighting with me always. Magic is old as eternity, And when you touch each wrinkle You amazed how beautiful it is.... Watercolor - 9 x 12"

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Anonymous Guest

Mark Peterson 14 Oct 2007

Wonderful art piece...and a fantastic narrative!

Karen Cash 14 Oct 2007

marvelous work Maria! and I agree with you wholeheartedly!

Nancy Costley 13 Feb 2006

Very charming, great sense of pride.

Paul Pannell 11 Feb 2006

wow just awesome work, beautiful colors and great shading

Diana Hume 11 Feb 2006

Wonderful words and image, Maria! I hear you! She is indeed a beauty! Wonderful work!