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Ivan loads his coffee up with cream as Mme V sips hers black. Lil hangs around those familiar legs. Image is not to be misappropriated in any way without my written consent. Copyright © V O ALLEN

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Anonymous Guest

Peter Kripgans 14 Mar 2005

love all your work!! Vivian that is masterly

Tammy Kuenzli 13 Mar 2005

vivian ~ I hadn't seen your art before now, so I took a peek and OMGOSH lol I love this style... I have a painting (yet unfinished) that reminds me of this... only instead of very "thin" people, they are very "round" people, and sharing a big plate of spaghetti! love your whimsy :)

Joke Schotting 05 Mar 2005

Great work Vivian,and thanks for you lovely comments!!

Pat Abbott 01 Mar 2005

I love this piece, very unique.

Marcel LorAnge 24 Feb 2005

Love this piece as well as the whole series on beatnicks s, Vivian. I used to sing in a group called Bionik Beatniks in the eighties and your work would have been perfect to illustrate some of the songs I wrote back then. Big wow to you and keep em coming !