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Ivan loads his coffee up with cream as Mme V sips hers black. Lil hangs around those familiar legs. Image is not to be misappropriated in any way without my written consent. Copyright © V O ALLEN


Anonymous Guest

Peter Kripgans 14 Mar 2005

love all your work!! Vivian that is masterly

Tammy Kuenzli 13 Mar 2005

vivian ~ I hadn't seen your art before now, so I took a peek and OMGOSH lol I love this style... I have a painting (yet unfinished) that reminds me of this... only instead of very "thin" people, they are very "round" people, and sharing a big plate of spaghetti! love your whimsy :)

Joke Schotting 05 Mar 2005

Great work Vivian,and thanks for you lovely comments!!

Pat Abbott 01 Mar 2005

I love this piece, very unique.

Marcel LorAnge 24 Feb 2005

Love this piece as well as the whole series on beatnicks s, Vivian. I used to sing in a group called Bionik Beatniks in the eighties and your work would have been perfect to illustrate some of the songs I wrote back then. Big wow to you and keep em coming !

Justin Jenkins 18 Feb 2005

I like the simplicity of the background and the colors work well. Allows you to focus on your style more and the way you represent the various forms.

Tabitha Borges 18 Feb 2005

I love their scene and your write -up what great characters...10

Kukua Akumanyi 18 Feb 2005

I love the synopsis that you write to the images. I love the deeo rich red foreground. Totally smooth, snap! snaps! Miss V, smooth

johnmark dacanay 18 Feb 2005

nice work vivian!

geri pratt 17 Feb 2005

I love these characters! This is another simple yet elegant design. You're getting cheers from the crowd gathered round the computer.

jO ANNA jARVIS 17 Feb 2005

Good job!

sher richardson 17 Feb 2005

Charming characters and enchanting aura of this series.. always a pleasure to view your works Viv : )

Becky Penn 17 Feb 2005

be cool.... lol mm coffee

thea walstra 17 Feb 2005

Love this one a lot Vivian!

joan warburton 17 Feb 2005

I think Lil's waiting for some crumbs!

eileen martin 17 Feb 2005

oh there they are! love it, the red background and black furniture give it a good feel:)

Barbara Beck-Azar 17 Feb 2005

love cafe, love this picture!