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I've always thought this expression to be rather interesting as it can actually have multiple meanings. I had a birthday recently and several folks on FB gave me good wishes which I really appreciated. I'm afraid I'm not as good at returning the favor but that makes their effort even more meaningful. So I am older and reading and watching everything about Covid-19. I'm beginning to feel that as states and cities re-open, it will be a given that the elderly, folks with heart disease or diabetes will just be considered collateral damage. Just this morning I watched five men meet in front of my house. Three were in their mid to late twenties and the older guys looked to be in their 40's. There was NO social distancing and at the end of their several minute tete-a-tete, they all shook hands. Oh, and there were no face masks either. So there may be good reason why I'm feeling a little 'out of it,' right now. This is a 6 by 4.5 inch gel pen drawing with color pencil. It is Original Jones Art as he wonders, with so many weak links in the human chain, how the blank-blank did we ever make it this far?


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Dr Woordelaas 22 May 2020

He really looks a bit out of space; ehh o .... that is the mayor part of the problem ! Nice drawing Charles, hope you re doing well out there.

Artist Reply: Another non de plume, eh? How are things in Schoorl these days? I've been feeling a bit more 'in here' than 'out there' lately. Doing the art does two things. It fills the hours of the day with something to do and it takes me outside the limitations set by others. Some folks hug limitations; I abhor them. :)

Maria Anna Machado 20 May 2020


Artist Reply: Hi back, Maria. Hope you are doing fine. :)