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Sometimes everything seems a battle and this guy looks to have been in more than one. This is a 6 by 4.5 inch gel pen drawing on medium bond acid-free paper. It's an over the hill view by Original Jones Art as he looks to the west in northwest Austin, Texas.


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Arie Peintures AP Art 02 May 2020

Hope you’re feeling a bit happier than this guy Charles. Nice drawing!

Artist Reply: What? You don't see that Mona Lisa smile? Nah. Just kidding, Erik. Maybe not as good as your take on barbershops being closed during the pandemic of 2020. That's what it will be known as, I think. Stay healthy and don't run out and start gobbling sand. It's good roughage but difficult to pass. :)

Elton Houck 02 May 2020

Yea, I see it,,,I have also had a few black eyes in my younger days...(read about it in my books)...but alas...I survived and no battle wounds of late, thank God....

Artist Reply: Well, whatever his wounds or physical condition, he appears to be standing strong, Elton. Maybe the next battle is a few hours away. Hope you and yours are doing great where you are. :)