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I'll admit my work has, on occasion, had a wild look about it. Sometimes it can make the viewer feel uneasy. But now so much of what I'm producing has this panicky feel that this one just leaped out and---well, would have bit me if it had felt so inclined. Social isolation isn't what humans are all about. Yes, they have their faults and there are a lot of boneheads but they're all we've got, right? This is a 6 by 4.5 inch gel pen drawing on medium bond acid-free paper. It's doing what Original Jones Art does best, convey the feeling of the moment in northwest Austin, Texas.


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Maria Anna Machado 29 Apr 2020


Artist Reply: I'm firmly convinced that this is nature's way of culling the herd, Maria. Trouble is, we've gotten smarter over the years. Uh, not terribly smarter over-all but there's enough intelligence by a small percentage to put up a good fight. Are we only delaying the inevitable and/or opening the door to something worse? We've taken antibiotics so much over our lives, they are losing their potency. And now we are facing something to which we have no natural immunity. We have altered the 'survival of the fittest' idea with modern medicine but are we as a race actually better for it? Thanks for the nice comment. Yes, I'm seeing more than most, thank you. :)

Ginger Olansen 29 Apr 2020

Love it. Its excellent and we are all feeling it! Covid-19 get outta here!

Artist Reply: I sat down last evening and this rolled off the pen, Ginger. After I drew it, I thought the question we are all thinking would make a good title. It's sort of like the kids in the backseat who ask, "Are we there yet?" when the parents are navigating falling boulders. Thanks for the comment. Hope you and yours are doing great. :)

Elton Houck 29 Apr 2020

I see expectancy, joy, contentment, and self awareness of ;one's own psyche...What in the world has happened to you Charles....Really I like the joy in the eyes and the friendship and warmth on the face of Jones...Of course, I could be could also be the bewildering look of the criminally insane....

Artist Reply: Perhaps all of the above, Elton, perhaps none of the above. It could be a 'trick' question. You remember those, don't you? Though I wouldn't ask him if he'd like another meal with rice. :)