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The Black Swallowtail butterfly is so easy and fun to raise. Most butterflies are, just know what each eat, and they will come! I started with 3-5 live parsley plants growing in a window box close to the house. They also eat fennel and dill. A female Black Swallowtail laid eggs on my plants, it took at least a day before I could see them, like little green eggs then they turn black when they are ready to hatch, taking about 10-13 days. When they hatch, they are black, then as they grow, black and white. The next stage is the caterpillar stage when they go to green, black and yellow, this is eating stage. The final stage is the pupa stage when they are full length and start sleeping a lot, then they start building thier cocoon to sleep in, the Chrysalis stage. When the breakout of the Chrysalis they need sugar water so fill a lid, leave on bottom of the cage. They will come to you when ready to fly. Please watch on You-tube it is fascinating. Once in the larger caterpillar stage, not too small because they are delicate, you can make a plastic box to put them in. Put ten or so crossing sticks some with or without leaves in the box, they love to climb. Then if all your parsley plants have been eaten you can buy organic parsley or dill (wash it well/dry) and put in the bottom of box. Put a metal screen on the top because they will climb away! I have had up to 20 at once and they can go through 1-2 bunches of parsley a day! I have had some in early Spring create chrysalis for a month and break out as well as had one in September winter over 7 months in a Chrysalis until next Spring (I kept in an unheated garage). When I let my children go (it takes a couple of hours before the fly); I feel like a happy and proud parent! Have fun!

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Stephen Denluck 04 Apr 2020

captured most beautifully

Marie josé LAURIER 15 Mar 2020


Sharon De Vore 15 Mar 2020


Al Budarin 14 Mar 2020

Very interesting ,you are An Artist with your Butterfly Story

Linda Hammar-Del Favero 13 Mar 2020

The butterfly and flowers look so exotic together. You certainly are an expert at raising them. Your knowledge is impressive, like a scientist. Thank you for sending them forth to beautify flower gardens.