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A Cornish Rex is a breed of domestic cat. The Cornish Rex has no hair except for down. Most breeds of cat have three different types of hair in their coats: the outer fur or "guard hairs", a middle layer called the "awn hair"; and the down hair or undercoat, which is very fine and about 1 cm long. Cornish Rexes only have the undercoat. They are prone to hair loss and many will develop a very thin coat or even go bald over large parts of their body. The curl in their fur is caused by a different mutation and gene than that of the Devon Rex. The breed originated in Cornwall, Great Britain (Wikipedia).


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alan webb 04 Feb 2020

Great style and a great capture.

Artist Reply: thank you

Linda Hammar-Del Favero 02 Feb 2020

forgot to login again so I am anonymous below Love your colored pencil drawings. Now know there are Cornish Rex and Devon Rex cats.

Artist Reply: okay.. but yes I know there are 2 unique cat breeds and I think I did the other one too.. just haven't shared it yet

Anonymous Guest 02 Feb 2020

Amazing that there exist Rex cats with soft down to pet and no fur in 3 layers like most cats. I always learn something from your artwork. Beautiful colored pencil drawing!

Artist Reply: I really enjoy your comments.. keep 'em coming

Joanie Holliday 02 Feb 2020


Artist Reply: I like the kitties too.. it's my husband that doesn't like cats.. and thanks