Scarlet honeyeater Art Australian Birds Susan Willemse

This little bird was the only one in the bare winter branches here in Canberra- we photographed him as he wasn't a common bird seen and the red really stood out against the blue Australian sky, the other photographs in the series were too blurred to help identify the bird as it was windy too so it was only later when we saw a aviculture baby scarlet honey eater that we could study them up close and confirm names for the mistletoe bird is very similar as is the Crimson chat, so our collection of field guides to Australian bird books were studied to get this and just as we use to use exclusion and confirmation criteria in the medical field- no he was not a Mistletoe bird- he didn't have a black hat, possibly a immature male scarlet honey eater fitted our photograph best as the red headed honey eater was excluded geographically and the chat has a full red tummy with a white bib. Who says bird watchers don't get scientific. I hope you enjoy this rare little find as much as we did.

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Thank you for your kind words! ??

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Very nice.