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Based on a drawing that actually had multiple bird heads, i decided in process to simplify it to the one you see. I may have gotten lazy or I may have thought having three would have cluttered the piece. You decide. It is made using my custom compound and small doll's eyes purchased from the trusty internet. It stands roughly 20.5 inches tall and the base is 6 inches wide. This is the tallest pieces I've made to date. Please tell me it is Original Jones Art originating in the burgeoning metropolis I love so much, Austin, Texas.

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Anonymous Guest (IP:

Anonymous Guest (IP: 30 Dec 2018

The Bird of Lightening Charley ! Your Imagination Keeps on Turning

Arie Peintures AP Art 29 Dec 2018

this must be one of your abstracted birds ... very nice , like a lightning ...

Artist Reply: It was going to have multiple heads but I started liking the simplicity of having just one, Erik. The nice thing is, if I really wanted to, I could add more at a later date. BUT historically, once I've pronounced a piece finished, I seldom return to it. Hope you are doing great and painting up a storm---just not a real one. :)

John D Marano 28 Dec 2018

Nice color choices!

Artist Reply: Thanks, John! Hope you are having a great and creative Holiday Season. Happy New Year! Where's the reset button on this thing? :)