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A question
For quite some time that I noticed only part of my AW comments get into my mail- box, not as it was.
Since we supposed to see all our comments in the mail box...
For example yesterday, I received 2/10 from the comments into my mail.
I wish to know if you get all your comments in your mail ???
Since July 2014, someone not only broke and destroyed my older mail box, at yahoo, in which all my flickr & AW comments came... And all my usual mails, that can't be seen there.
The AW comments supposed to come now to GMAIL...but I'm not getting all of them. Flickr, I'm not getting at all to mail, since it supposed to be seen at yahoo.
In this case, there is a chance that more mails, I can't get now in GMAIL.
For your reply I'll be grateful...
Thanks for visiting.
Copyrights (c) Nira Dabush. Copyrights (c) Nira Dabush.

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Anonymous Guest


Wow,Gorgeous and exquisite photographic art,my Dear Friend!!!Great camera work...Like a Superb Painting!!!Wishing You and Your Beautiful Family a Beautiful Day full of Joy,Peace and Love!!!Hugs...Dee&David :):)

Sandra McClure 30 Apr 2015

Excellent and i have trouble thanking artists for their comments and I have yahoo mail i appreciate all your wonderful art for years Nira and Blessings

Heloisa Castro 27 Apr 2015

Gorgeous piece!!!

Brenda Loveless 27 Apr 2015

Beautiful waterlilies, Nira! I have not had your exact experiences but have had problems with my comments reaching those whom I have posted here. I still use yahoo mail and lost my old computer to mal/adware several months ago. It is extremely frustrating and I wish things would get back to normal!

Artist Reply: Hello Brenda... I wish u never knew of my experinces in internet which brought peepers into my life which i know will go away... Try to check your spam folder... I found there missing comments. Wishing you and the computer well.

kelvin Hughes 27 Apr 2015

As usual very well done excellent