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I remember different times in internet, and miss those days.
Those days with all their meanings will never come back. So sorry for that.
I remember days, when my mails were safe, and so were my friends and friendships... Days when my friends were loyal to me.
Days I could write only to the EyEs, of the one I wrote, or others, that I intended.

I miss those days when I could work, in private, and would not suspects spies on my private life, trying to take every piece of privacy from me or mine... or people that all they can think is how to imitate what their eyEs see, illegitimately.
Unfortunately those " collective PEEPING ORGANIZERS " Took much of the fun, and freedom that were once here... Not only from me.
They took the true friends, and the ability to work safely. Or the ability to create more true friendships.

With all the missing and SAD change, in the last several years, that many of us might regret, I know, that some kind of NEW SHAPE of communication will come to our world... I also named it.. and some people are already do to make it happen.
I predict a new world without sick peepers, which is going to be part of my personal world.
A new shape of communication is about to be born , I call it INTERSAFE... It will come instead of INTERNET, the way it is today.
I vote for SAFETY, in all our doings.. I hope you can join me.
I wrote much today, and I know some of you are really taking the time to read it, if not all.. I'm thankful for that.
Copyrights (c) NIra Dabush.

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Anonymous Guest

ruth sears 06 Apr 2015

What a fascinating design,excellent!

Geoff Cooper 06 Apr 2015

Very beautiful work Nira...

John Cappello 05 Apr 2015

Smoothly Done. Fabulous work. Beautiful colors

Heloisa Castro 05 Apr 2015

Great colours!!!

Angel Estevez 05 Apr 2015

Wonderful design Nira ! I agree with Marie Claire. We always have to keep hope and optimism that better days will come. Sure to come !!! Happy Easter to you! Hugs my friend!