The four seasons: Spring

4 Jahreszeiten: "Frühling", 2012 Öl auf Leinwand 90 x 70 cm The four seasons: "Spring", 2012 oil on canvas 35 x 28 inches - Commission -


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Anonymous Guest (IP: 24 Dec 2013

As a photographer, i've alwyas found B&W to be the best for the job in terms of emotions. It's a strange arrangement because it has the power to really push the emotions forward or on the other hand suppress them. I tried replacing them on my mind with other combinations but each time a non-neutral is brought into the picture, it gets it's emotional baggage with it Maybe it;s just me I would personally use the above mentioned colour combinations to show emotions and contrast than to suppress them. A very interesting concept though. I wouldn't mind browsing through some block painting now

Joseph Bernard Wilson 25 Sep 2012


Elizabeth Lindberg 24 Sep 2012

very very beautiful, and outstanding work!!

Maria Anna Machado 24 Sep 2012