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Escape or Curse

Roland Heyder

St. Cruz/Tenerife, Spain
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Roland H. Heyder (German) has been active as an artist in the professional field since 1981. His * work reflects his great love for expressive autonomy and there is a lot of attention for detail in his work. * style at the beginning is... Read More

Recent Feedback

30 Jan 2021
Totally agree with the comments of praise below, and I might add that this is one helluva "explosive" volcano-babe! - X-Chel
30 Jan 2021
Wonderful and ethereal "pinup" with a great spiritual symbolism! - X-Chel
30 Jan 2021
Superb image! Looks like a personification (?) of the "amphitheatrical" arena in ancient, classical flowing, draped garbs, or is maybe an homage to the "torero"...? Would like to hear/read your explanation about the symbolism in this image (?)! - X-Chel
30 Jan 2021
Totally agree with the comments of praise below, but I do wonder about the symbolism behind this image! Would you mind elaborating your thoughts about this motif in your own perspective? - X-Chel
30 Jan 2021
Wonderful take on the mystical Peruvian city of Machu Picchu! One could almost feel the (scant) air of the Andees in your artwork. - X-Chel

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