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Dances With Cattle

Yeh U may Dance Across Texas that’s for sure there are plenty of great dance-halls all over the state – but you have not made Ur mark until U’ve been I.D.’d as one who Dances With Cattle. In this photograph we’re dancing in the high clover with a bovine audience admiring our style and the very cool 32 Ford Duce we used to get out into the middle of the “dance-floor” without soiling our dancing shoes – - – remember it’s a pasture! Not only do cattle graze in the high-green but they have been know to leave a surprise or two out there for the casual stroller ~:0) For some little knowns reason I often include some of the mystical information about the camera settings and alchemistic tools and skills I’ve developed over a lifetime so those who think this magical process is done by the machine and not the artist – Ha! Anyway – used the nimble and lightweight Canon G11 – Wide-Angle lens (RAW data tells me it was 10mm) – we aimed the truck headlights up at the cattle to light them – had umbrellas and soft-boxes for the couple and the car – and about a half-million reflectors to work out the kinks in the shadow areas – generally it was right at sunset in a bit of a dell as in Farmer- in-the – - – generally a good time was had by all – the cattle seemed to like the music – it was fun! I know what some of U out there are dying to ask me about “Dances With Cattle” – the answer is yeh – everyone of us there stepped in at least one cow-pie – not too bad. Sadly, on the trip back a deer ran into the side of the VivaChas Yellow Truck – spun around and kept on going (that’s right – the deer left the scene of an accident!) So I Got me an appointment this afternoon at the repair shop at which time I’ll learn what “Nationwide is on Your Side” is all about – they were great on the phone – the shop is a whole different ball-of-wax – but as always – I’m optimistic. Regardless – each of us has the responsibility to get out there and live life – do something with our time and Make Memories and Make Pictures ~:0) VivaChas!


Anonymous Guest

John Cappello 07 Feb 2014

Awesome Car Composition Great Artwork, These colors are looking so vibrant !

Artist Reply: Yeah thanks John - my artistic manifesto is that I pump up the colour and contrast (through a secret process handed down from the ancient Mesopotamians - Ha!) to create scenes that are more like we remember them. U know how it is when U look at the snappies from that vacation and nobodies impressed with um b/c they're all washed out - not at all like we remember the event - - - Well it's something I like to call "Persistence of Memory" - thanks again John ~:0) VivaChas!

Alberto D'Assumpcao 15 Nov 2011

That's splendid, Chas! Another episode to your story...

Artist Reply: And the spot thickens Alberto - it's that spot right over there off camera - pretty thick and sticky indeed - you simply cannot field-break cattle - thanks ~:0) VivaChas!

Karen Helsing 14 Nov 2011

Great shot!

Artist Reply: Thanks Karen - cast of thousands in this pix ~:0) VivaChas!

Dianna Newby 14 Nov 2011

Really clever idea Chas. enjoyed it very much. QofA

Artist Reply: Thank You My Queen - glad U stopped by - always a pleasure ~:0) VivaChas!