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Yes Daddy

The adventure continues here in my adopted home in the Texas Hill Country. Rode with a Sheriff’s posse the other night and took crazy pix! They weren’t chasing rustlers as the uninitiated might surmise. It was hookers made their prize! Yeah that’s right a sting operation to bust not the girls so much as the handler – the pimp – the maestro – Nice Guy. Anyway as I said shot lots of pix that will likely find their way to good old and other places of interest. Carried m’ trusty Canon G11 – the right cammy for the job. Shot in RAW – for lots of photo-info in each file. Used wide-angle to capture those fast unfolding and elusive moments – I remember this pix was at 10mm – night with great TTL strobe metering – 1/60th sec. f/3.5 or somewhere in the neighborhood – thank goodness everyone cooperated while I set up the soft-boxes – Ha! I laugh b/c the nice lady in the pix next to the custom Caddy is m’ down the road neighbor – she was working to save the ranch from the Feds – pay for her mother’s operation – and pay the college tuition for herself and her 7 kids – four of whom can’t read b/c they’re only in high school – Ha! I kid of course! She’s a complete stranger whom we’ll miss sorely at choir-practice ~:0) VivaChas!


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Keith Whittington 07 Mar 2012

WoW! omg, I love how you put this together. The Caddy, the girl...its class and cheeky to boot!!! Amazing Chas

Artist Reply: Thanks Keith - Go get Ur own print over at vivachasdotcom - U know U want to ~:0) VivaChas!

Karen Helsing 18 Oct 2011

Great shot!

Artist Reply: Thanks Karen - one of m'faves as well ~:0) VivaChas!

Mia Bailey Hopper 28 Sep 2011

That is the perfect candy apple red. The story always adds flavor. Love it!!

Artist Reply: Thanks Mia - yeh the car is a bewdy alright - every detail was perfection - trailer-queen though - too custom to drive - probably worth more than U & Me put together - lucky to get to photograph it - - - and yeh, I do sometimes spin a yarn - Ha! ~:0) VivaChas!

Bessiemae Coola 25 Sep 2011

She's the gal -- and YOU are the man, Chas!

Artist Reply: She is the gal and quite the tall one at that - and those heels - made it like being in the presence of a living skyscraper - big-one! - And that Caddy - there were naval air-craft queuing up to land on her decks it's such a boat - but whatta machine - Ha! ~:0) VivaChas!

Alberto D'Assumpcao 25 Sep 2011

Hehehe!!! That's splendid, Chas!!!

Artist Reply: Thanks AD'A - what do u think - too sexual? - or does she just look like she has to pee - who can say - perhaps they're related somehow ~:0) VivaChas!