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Pat Me Down

Yeah me old school chum Patme had a run-in with the local constabulary the other night. She felt it was a shake-down b/c so many officers were present whilst they searched her for Fissile materials – Ha!Can’t help but think it was partly her own fault what with her vanity license plates and all ~:0) Shot that lovely 55 Ford Thunderbird (hereafter referred to as the T-Bird) with the ol’ Canon G11 using a wide-angle lens (RAW data sez 6mm) – Patme same ‘cept 18mm (didn’t want to exaggerate too much – does anyone care what camera setting I used on the pole – didn’t think so. Ton of work in this one bringing in Patme’s T-Bird – the pole – a brick wall and herself – - – lots of PhotoShop glue used in this one – you know you can learn this stuff – I became a member of The National Association of Photoshop Professionals yonks back and studied hard – click the banner at the top of the page at VivaChas dot com and it’ll take you there – if you join I get brownie-points with the higher-ups (heaven forbid I should get some money – is the entire world stuck in the bohemian revolution – wake up you lot – Ha!) Anyway – you know my slogan – leave the garden and make pix out in the real world – well – and then come back to the workstation to process ‘um ~:0) VivaChas!


Anonymous Guest

Karen Helsing 02 Sep 2011

Neat shot!

Artist Reply: Yeah Karen it's best to keep the studio tidy - don't want anyone falling over loose cords or other extraneous material - 'course a good hoovering is primary - thanx for the visit ~:0) VivaChas!

Bessiemae Coola 01 Sep 2011

Chas... you are the BEST!

Artist Reply: Oh I've heard that so many times - though I do like hearing it again! - thanks BC ~:0) VivaChas! - - - - - - Besame, besame mucho Como si fuera esta la noche La ultima vez Besame, besame mucho Que tengo miedo a perderte Perderte despues - - - - - jajajajajaja ~:0)

Dianna Newby 01 Sep 2011

Sorry Chas that anonymous guest comment was me not signed I am...Dianna

Artist Reply: Thanks Dianna - we are all signed in when it comes to good natured creativity - BHO's too easy to do nowadays - besides I'm working in another world right now - got those deadlines to meet - though I will take your suggestion under advisement - he-he-he - hmm, what sort of mischief can I get into ~:0) VivaChas!

Anonymous Guest (IP: 01 Sep 2011

You are "one of a kind" They broke the mold after you. that is why I love your work so much. So clever so cute and all of them AMAZING....NEED MORE ON obama...........Keep them comin Chas.