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Initials (Memory Lane)

I invite you top play the music
while scrolling over this Memory Lane Collage

Memory Lane:
Small Collage with the initials
of my Mom's, my twin's and my brother's last (and my maiden) name:
"PT" Polman Tuin

My Mom, an educated pianist, played this music when we were little kids
Kinderzehnen by Schumann

Planning a collage:
When I plan a collage I try to think how to express its mood.
Establishing a pattern in a collage can be done by including pieces that repeat shapes.
Repeated shapes, tones and colors all set up visual rhythms that create a sense of movement and encourage the eye to "travel" over the piece.
The diagonal shapes give a strong tonal contrast.

2nd picture:
Materials used

Archival paper,
Sheet Music,
Wrapping paper Crate & Barrel
Gesso white and black,
Transparent gold,
Acra Gold (orange tone)
Carparol (European medium binder)
Atelier medium binder
Matte Medium (my glue)

Copyright Olga van Dijk 2©1©
This is another OLGartsProduction©2 010


Anonymous Guest

Donna Buckalew-wagner 27 Oct 2011

This is really nice, I'm musical too, I guess you must be...really a good eye you have...

Dennis Knecht 09 Jan 2011

Terrific Olga! Dennis.

Precious Pilongo 24 Sep 2010

What do you do to make a collage

Artist Reply: what do you mean?

Michele Foster 29 Aug 2010

Great mini collage lesson!

Cathy Jones 26 Aug 2010

Fantastic Olga! I especially love the details of your creation :) Beautiful piece! hugs- Cathy

David Holcombe 26 Aug 2010

Interesting to see the explanation of the elements of the collage. The French poetry is a nice touch, although I did not recognize the text.

Artist Reply: It's a text about Vncent van Gogh, writing his brother.

Mike Helechu 26 Aug 2010

Beautiful Olga. Not only do I love the wide variety of textures and materials you used, but the story behind your creation is wonderful too. Very nicely done.

KC CHANG 26 Aug 2010


Debbie Shirley 26 Aug 2010

Beautiful and intriguing!

Nelly van Nieuwenhuijzen 26 Aug 2010

a lot to discover, beautiful composition and beautiful colours.

Seth Weaver 26 Aug 2010

Awesome creation!

Izabella Pavlushko 26 Aug 2010

it's so original ... beautiful creation, Olga. LOVE IT !

Anna Marie Fritz 26 Aug 2010

Evocative and eye-catching!!!

Loren Carson 26 Aug 2010

Nice balance. Great work girl.

Artist Reply: Thanks Kid!~

Gina Cowins 26 Aug 2010

Hello Olga, very expressive work, excellent.

Anneke Hut 26 Aug 2010

All beautiful textures, especially the wrapping paper is awesome!

Calvin McFarlane 26 Aug 2010

sound and vision...well done Olga.

Marika Antal 26 Aug 2010


Robin Foss 26 Aug 2010

Very well done.

Els Lam 26 Aug 2010

Olga, je werk is prachtig van kleur, textuur en evenwicht. Helemaal GOED!!

LouAnn Knight 25 Aug 2010

Oh this is so beautiful. Normally I don't care for Collage.. probably because I can't do it and partly because it just looks messy (to me). But your works seem to have 'feeling'.. maybe it's the colors that work so well together, or the music notes (something I am familiar with) or the richness of the textures.. Don't know. I just DO KNOW I love your works..

Artist Reply: "Composing" a collage it's very important to have BALANCE in texture and design. Otherwise it will be "messy" as you wrote! I loved your comment LouAnn! You should try a collage of your own!Love and Light, OLGA

lillianhibiscus 25 Aug 2010

Great work Olga!

Frank Maguire 25 Aug 2010

Lovely earth tones and the sheet-music is a great touch. Van Gogh will be passing you a ghostly thumbs up.

Artist Reply: Thanks for your glorious comment Frank! I always enjoy reading them! Wishing you a great day with your wife and dog in Maryland (Do you live close to me? I live on the border of PA and Maryland!)

Ann Fawssett-Atkin 25 Aug 2010


Jerie kunitsky 25 Aug 2010

This is brilliant. I love it...

Artist Reply: Thanks Jer!

Frank van den Hurk 25 Aug 2010

wow, you're an artist of many skills. amazing work Olga!!

Artist Reply: Dank je Frank! Jouw katten zijn ook prachtig!!

Vivian Gutierrez 25 Aug 2010

love the ideas...this is so cool. Love it

Terry Bullard 25 Aug 2010

very creative, nicely done

Sharon Gonzalez 25 Aug 2010


joost 25 Aug 2010

Wonderful work...Olga!

Maria Anna Machado 25 Aug 2010


Beatrix Jahn 25 Aug 2010

This is sooooooooooo cool and tempting to try, Olga! Gorgeous piece of work!

Artist Reply: TRY IT! You can do it!

ruth sears 25 Aug 2010

marvelous work,love seeing all the materials you used,the gold really makes this shine!

Stefani Wehner 25 Aug 2010

splendid art-work, Olga. Your color-choice is always very exquisite and the texture so stunning.And many thanks for the explanation on the bottomm.