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As the world turns (3)

Found a new home
in the beautiful State of Pennsylvania, Avondale.

Take your time listening
to this beautiful music

while scrolling over my abstract

In the series LIGHT this is my 4th abstract:
"As the world turns (2)"


Being able to use colors consciously and harmoniously can help creating spectacular results.

@OLGarts Studio I teach my students all the "secrets" about colors -sent as an electronic art bulletin (PDF file) by email- (using Pages for Apple Computers), with a wealth of information and workable art links.
Every lesson my students will be a presented a sophisticated Keynote power-point presentation.
When the students go home they get hand outs for their art binder.

In August we'll explore the factors that affect color and other influences that play a powerful role, as a key to selecting appropriate colors for a specific painting.
It will definitely help my artist students to create harmonious color schemes easily and quickly.


It's ALL about COLOR!
Color can be your most powerful design element if you learn to use it effectively.
Much research and experimentation has been done on COLOR.
With colors you can set a mood, attract attention, or make a statement. You can use color to energize, or to cool down.
That being said, you may want to think carefully on the type of color scheme you choose for your next painting.

Painting is all about harmony.
Harmony in a painting is when the arrangement of colors and objects are pleasing to the viewers eyes. As a painter you can either put too much into a painting or not enough. If your painting is too chaotic you may scare the viewer away. On the other hand, if your painting lacks something, it may be perceived as boring, and your viewer will not be engaged, so it's important to have balance in your color arrangements.


(all Golden & Liquitex)
Nickel Azo Yellow (an amazing bright, transparent yellow), Cadmium Yellow Medium, Acra Gold, Acra Burnt Orange Irridescent Bright Gold, Bronze Iridescent, Burnt Sienna, Burnt and Raw Umber, Turquoise Phtalo), Transparent Mixing White.

Mixed Media I used:
Modeling paste, binder (Caparol, or Chroma Atelier), gold leaf, sand, black gesso.

Copyright Olga van Dijk 2©1©
This is another OLGartsProduction©2 010


Anonymous Guest

Anonymous Guest (IP: 09 Sep 2014

Het is zo mooi... en de muziek lijkt er wel voor geschreven. Thanks for posting!

debi day 04 May 2011

Very cool artwork! You are so talented!

Artist Reply: Oh Thank you Debi!!

Brenda Loveless 04 Apr 2011

pure magic in these colors and textures!

Artist Reply: Thank you for your beautiful comment! ~Love and Light, Olga

Brenda Loveless 04 Apr 2011

pure magic in these colors and textures!

Artist Reply: Thank you for your beautiful comment! ~Love and Light, Olga

tim linville 14 Feb 2011

Your Color Work is always Most Excellent!Very Nice Fine Art,Olga!

David Holcombe 18 Jan 2011

Orange and Turquoise make a stunning combination. You capture the "world" on a canvas. Quite an accomplishment. Glad it found a good home.

Sara Deutsch 03 Jan 2011

Stunning sunny, earthy, watery beauty!

jill madgwick 30 Dec 2010

Olga this is so beautiful, lovely music too..

Artist Reply: Thank you Jill! Happy 1.1.11! Love Light and Peace, OLGA

Ginger Lovellette 30 Nov 2010

Splendid! So bold and wonderful!

Vivian Gutierrez 20 Sep 2010

Awesome colors!!

Sandra McClure 30 Aug 2010

Excellent Olga

Rob Keller 23 Aug 2010

This has the WOW factor for me my wonderful art friend!! Great Job!!

Artist Reply: Dank je wel mijn Hollandse art friend!

Olga Gorbacheva 10 Aug 2010

Love your style, Olga. Beautiful, dynamic, decorative.

Artist Reply: Thank you OLGA!

Anonymous Guest (IP: 07 Aug 2010

beeeeautiful love this

Rasoul Moareknejad 29 Jul 2010

your Works are beautiful Enjoyed

Calvin McFarlane 29 Jul 2010

a marvelous burning desire......excellent work Olga

Artist Reply: well said my friend!

Olga Naletova 28 Jul 2010

Very original and unique aartwork!

Loren Carson 28 Jul 2010

Great work Olga.

Artist Reply: Thank you Loren! How is life treating you these days? Love and Light, OLGA

Sigridur Bachmann 28 Jul 2010

TREMENDOUS PAINTING WITH SUCH A STUNNING COLORS ! Very very spontaneous ! ( Nice and super photos again )

Dominique GUIGUES 28 Jul 2010

Y like very much your colors and work

Artist Reply: Thank you Dominique!

Marika Antal 28 Jul 2010


Thom Roslan 28 Jul 2010

Love your "placement" of color in this one Olga.....Balances out "perfectly".......and of course your magnificent textures......Olay !

Robin Foss 28 Jul 2010

Very well done.

Bev Chudey 27 Jul 2010

Wonderful abstract Olga!

KC CHANG 27 Jul 2010


Artist Reply: THANKS KC...

Seth Weaver 27 Jul 2010

Superb abstract!

Ann Fawssett-Atkin 27 Jul 2010

Splendid Olga

José Fortunato 27 Jul 2010

Cool and hot ! But it still turns. so we can apreciate your marvelous work ! Love it, as always did ! Bravo minha amiga !

Mildred Ann Utroska 27 Jul 2010

Superb like always.

Anonymous Guest (IP: 27 Jul 2010

Excellent and beautifull.

lillianhibiscus 27 Jul 2010

Rich and Fabulous!!

ruth sears 27 Jul 2010


Artist Reply: Thanks for your enthusiastic support dear Ruthie!! Love and Light, Moi

Anneke Hut 27 Jul 2010

Great colour and music choice! The gold is beautiful on the textures!

Artist Reply: DANK JE VOOR JE POD !! Geweldig!
Artist Reply: Thank you voor je niet aflatende support Anneke! Ik heb het druk met lesgeven, en dit zijn onderwerpen die ik dus met mijn studenten doe. Slaap lekker! Love and Light, OLGA

Ai Shan 27 Jul 2010

Beautiful colors in this work!

Artist Reply: Dank je Ai!

marie-claire gallet 27 Jul 2010

Thank you for your explanations ! Just great !!

Caballero Salguero 27 Jul 2010

wonderful music and great painting my dear friend Olga, marvelous spiral with lovely texture, magical color tones, passionate and inspiring, belle description, hugs, José

Ingrid Kolster 27 Jul 2010

Spinning around ..... soooo beautiful the colors and I enjoyed the music.

Beatrix Jahn 27 Jul 2010

Wonderful and vibrant--------truely the colors of our world!

Maria Anna Machado 27 Jul 2010

marvelous work...

Stefani Wehner 27 Jul 2010

very attractive and eye-catching shape and colors!

Fátima Stamato 27 Jul 2010

I liked so much the colours you used.Very beautiful, indeed.My pod!

Artist Reply: Fátima dear, THANK YOU SO MUCH! I feel honored....Love and Light, Moi

joost 27 Jul 2010

Marvellous work and music dear olga...

Artist Reply: Dank je wel dear Joost! Ik wens je een heerlijke dag toe.Het wordt hier weer 40 graden dus ik blijf lekker in mijn studio werken.

Helmut Licht 27 Jul 2010

A spectral centrifuge! Beautiful Olga! It rings a melody within my soul.

Artist Reply: What a beautiful comment, Helmut. Do appreciate!Wishing you a wonderful and creative day. (It will be HOT again...) Love and Light, Olga