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Clouds' Other Side

I took these on the way back from Vancouver BC to Dallas, TX. I hope you enjoy!


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Vernonette Gaddy 03 Aug 2015

I love your brilliantly photographed 'Clouds' photography Sharon. I see a 'polar bear'-like clouds formation in your top picture, and the bottom picture of clouds looks like fluffy snow or cotton. :)

arnold quentin 08 Sep 2010

Very interesting cloud design

Howard Brink 28 Jul 2010


Vilma Rohena 24 Jul 2010

Amazing clouds! Lovely shot!

Basant Soni 24 Jul 2010

Simple nature show..fine photo..!!

Ginger Lovellette 24 Jul 2010

Love this! Clouds are so fascinating!

Aqua1955 22 Jul 2010

Magnificent clouds and shots. actualy seeing these you can't imagine

Olga van Dijk 21 Jul 2010


Sigridur Bachmann 21 Jul 2010

Stunning. beautiful light and shadows ! TREMENDOUS ! You still doing it Sharon !

lillianhibiscus 19 Jul 2010

Beautiful photos of such beautiful cloud formations.

TK Knight 19 Jul 2010

ohhhhh, Sharon....I could get lost in this one forever and a day. Gorgeous. -TK

Anneke Hut 18 Jul 2010

The cloud on top makes me think of a horse head.:) What a great sky!

Bob Caldwell 18 Jul 2010

Wonderful cloud shot.

pamela jones 18 Jul 2010

Beautiful shot Sharon

Nira Dabush 18 Jul 2010

outstanding dramatic capture dear Sharon.. BRAVO, Girl.. superb.. XOX Nira.

Geoff Cooper 18 Jul 2010

Fantastic shots Sharon.... Geoff

Marika Antal 18 Jul 2010

super shot,Wow!!

Robin Foss 18 Jul 2010

Great shots.

david snider 18 Jul 2010

great photo..that's what i love about flying..a chance to see these fabulous cloud formations..

Brenda Loveless 17 Jul 2010

great aerial shots, Sharon!

Jerry Lee Cline 17 Jul 2010

Great shot Sharon....Jerry Lee

gerry logan 17 Jul 2010

I love to see these clouds from the plan great capture

Lorraine D'Anna 17 Jul 2010

The top cloud looks like a bear flying with mouth open. Do you see it? Great shoot!

John Cappello 17 Jul 2010

Majestic, and Unbelievable powerful,as the inscrutable atoms and molecules swirl and break free, capable of unleashing a tremendous burst of energy. Thats why I Love clouds.

Warren Ballard 17 Jul 2010

Beautiful color Sharon.

Michael Jones 17 Jul 2010

Really, really nice!

Craig Cantrell 17 Jul 2010

fantastic shot.

ruth sears 17 Jul 2010

very pretty cloud shots!


FANTASTIC Aerial photography,my Dear Friend!!!BEAUTIFUL captures!!!Reminds me of the first time I was on a plane with David and I saw the amazing few of the sky's Beauty in a whole new way!!!,Thanks for sharing!!!,Dee&David :):)

Dianna Newby 17 Jul 2010

I remember the first time i looked out an airplane window and saw clouds from the upper is a good thing the windows and doors don't open or I would have stepped is a lovely memory thank you my sister....((Hugs to you and yours))

Julie Mayser 17 Jul 2010

I thought you were quoting the song lyrics... ie: I've looked at clouds from both sides now.... Lovely photos, Sharon

kelvin Hughes 17 Jul 2010

lovely images Sharon my friend

Frank Maguire 17 Jul 2010

Cloudy shot Sharon.

Jackee Swinson 17 Jul 2010

Great shots

Donald Schrier 17 Jul 2010

Beautiful shot Sharon, but your title infers that someone from earth is looking at it when what the heck could be someone from heaven looking down on us.

Annette Labedzki 17 Jul 2010

beautiful............................................... ~()~

Laurel Talabere 17 Jul 2010

Lovely shots. I love the views from a plane. I always sit in a window seat and keep my fingers crossed for clean windows!!

Albert Sellaman 17 Jul 2010

Wonderful pics reminds me once when I took a plane flight seeing similar images to these.

LouAnn Knight 17 Jul 2010

Oh boy the top one looks like a huge lunging laughing white bear! The bottom one is a group of guys peering thru the clouds at an Island in blue waters.. LOL Cool shots. Always LOVED looking at clouds.. still do, actually!!!!!

Shannon Slaydon 17 Jul 2010

Absolutely beautiful, Sharon! This photo makes me feel like I'm on cloud nine! Great job, as always!

Terry Suthers 17 Jul 2010

Nice shots Sharon.

Miles Baker 17 Jul 2010

Wonderful-but taken from a plane?-No way!Taken from a cloud this way that was shared by a few other angles no sorry! ANGELS! Miles XXXXX

mel taylor 17 Jul 2010

Beautiful, Sharon!!

Nelly van Nieuwenhuijzen 17 Jul 2010

beautiful !!!!

BILL NAGY 17 Jul 2010

Beautiful, Sharon. Mine never came oyt that good due to dirty windows.

Caballero Salguero 17 Jul 2010

Magnificent photograph my dear friend Sharon,huge sky, marvelous clouds, impressive cotton...Great mystery, José

joost 17 Jul 2010

Wonderful photo!!!

Cynthia Stayte 17 Jul 2010

Hey are those my clouds, they look like the ones I took the other job Sharon! Clouds are beautiful especially when you start seeing them form different shapes. I have one on my camera now that I took at my daughters house, it's in the shape of an elephants head...gonna call it Dumbo....

Stefani Wehner 17 Jul 2010

delicious like whipped cream, Sharon! Love these shots!

Alberto Willmore 17 Jul 2010

nature is so magnificent even at moments of human pause...

Ingrid Kolster 17 Jul 2010

Interesting photos Sharon.

Calvin McFarlane 17 Jul 2010

i have always thought they are so much better from above...did a few cloud paintings some years ago. perhaps i'll try and find a pic or two of Joni says: "Rows and flows of angel hair and ice cream castles in the air, and, feather canyons everywhere."