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Daylight Dawning

In this, I applied metallic acrylic paint; let it dry and then painted black acrylic paint over it all. I then took a pallet knife and cut out the design you see. Reverse Creation! In a way, it is like the Cuna Indian Mola where they put layers of cloth together and cut out and sew to bring out the different colors in their design. Reverse Applique. I hope that you enjoy!


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Pierpaolo Limongelli 25 Feb 2011

Great work

sylvie swanson 31 May 2010

what a wonderful idea !

Julia Karimova 28 May 2010

that is something, indeed! very nice! did you make it?

Ginger Lovellette 27 May 2010

Very creative work, Sharon!

Vivian Gutierrez 27 May 2010

Beautiful work...very interesting

Olga van Dijk 27 May 2010

WHAT A GREAT IDEA to incorporate the technique of the The Molas of the Kuna Indians.... You're such a creative artist, Sharon!! By the way: Which brand did you use for the metallics? -Love and Light, OLGA

Vernonette Gaddy 26 May 2010

Innovative and visionary composition Sharon.

Patty Day 26 May 2010

Totally cool design, awesome!!

Ai Shan 26 May 2010

Also possible with wax:) So creative, dear Sharon!

Malwina 26 May 2010

love it!

Jan van Baarle 26 May 2010

gourgeous work Ruth.

ruth sears 26 May 2010

very creative fine work Sharon.

Calvin McFarlane 26 May 2010

nice transition of colors and of day to night

Ropati Leaso-Cobb 26 May 2010

Beautifully spontaneous Sharon...great effect.

Robin Foss 26 May 2010

Very well done.

BILL NAGY 25 May 2010

Your creative ability continues to astound me, Sharon.

Steve Haynes 25 May 2010

Very different for you Sharon...but I like it.

lillianhibiscus 25 May 2010

Yes, truly unique and special.

Dianna Newby 25 May 2010

how unique and lovely idea.great job Sis (((Hugs to you and Frank always))) Dianna

John Cappello 25 May 2010

Wonderful Insight, most unique I think it's great to try innovative ways to improve already clever artful skills.I like the title as well!

Jack Brauer 25 May 2010

Hmmmmmm, it's out there alright.

gerry logan 25 May 2010

so very interesting what a grand job you do with this nice job

James Carney 25 May 2010

Different but Nice

Wade Edwards 25 May 2010

wow very nice

Marika Antal 25 May 2010

i agree with Bob...Wow!!

Bob Caldwell 25 May 2010

wonderful art piece

kelvin Hughes 25 May 2010

well done my friend very creative

Frank Maguire 25 May 2010

Nice doodle, Sharon.

Lorna Skeie 25 May 2010

Very intresting and looks like fun

Donald Schrier 25 May 2010

This is really a step out of the normal for you Sharon. This does not rate up there with some of the work you put out but then again it is not my forte and therefore not mine to comment on. Keep on doing things like this and growning in your art.

Jo-Ann Hayden 25 May 2010

Very unique, and very creative my talented friend

Geoff Cooper 25 May 2010

I feel this when rising for work early, the darkness slowly easing into dawn, happy as the sun rises and day begins... well done with this dear Sharon,,, 8.3.1

Shannon Slaydon 25 May 2010

Fantastic! Very whimsical and magical and brilliant! Great job, Sharon, as always!

Julie Mayser 25 May 2010

This looks like such fun, Sharon! And it is a very interesting comparison to the Cuna Indian Mosa reverse applique work. :-)

Gabrielle Stahlie 25 May 2010

That is lovely dear looks so spontanously, indeed.. like Mola applications, it is a great technique..

Kovács János 25 May 2010

wow! :)

Brenda Loveless 25 May 2010

brilliant creation, in symbolism!

Nira Dabush 25 May 2010

Excellent freedom of forms, Sharon.. Great abstract, my friend.. Love your presentation as well, like MAGIC!

Annette Labedzki 25 May 2010

Excellent! I love doing that, you never know what kind of magic will happen!