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Second painting for the exhibition with theme "Movement".


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marie-claire gallet 28 May 2016

How so gorgeous and well-done Anneke !!!

Artist Reply: Thank you so much, Marie-Claire!

Angel Estevez 27 Aug 2014

Really a wonderful art! The use of colors and textures are perfect. You demonstrate all yor talent as an artist in this scene. Congratulatins Anneke.

Artist Reply: Thank you so much for your wonderful comment, Angel!

Anne Whiteway 03 Mar 2014

Anneke, so lovely, depicting happiness so well.Another wonderful painting from you.

Artist Reply: Thank you so much, Anne!

Pamela Rivera 19 Jan 2014

great job!!! love the relationship between them:)

Artist Reply: Many thanks, Pamela!

yves colas 22 Sep 2013

i love it so much...terrific artwork,masterfully done.

Artist Reply: Thanks a lot, Yves! It's always a great joy to see you in my gallery!

John Cappello 04 May 2012

Awesome capture and the background colors really sets this out apart form the rest.

Artist Reply: John, thank you so much for your beautiful comment!

YLLI HARUNI 09 Nov 2010

Very nice composition!

Artist Reply: Thank you very much, for the kind comment, Ylli!

Anonymous Guest (IP: 21 Oct 2010


Artist Reply: :))

Vernonette Gaddy 10 Aug 2010

This is a lovely painting showing a warm and comfortable connection between two generations.

Artist Reply: Tthank you so much for your kind words! It's really appreciated!

debi day 21 May 2010

beautiful, reminds me of childhood with my grandpa, such wonderful talent.

Artist Reply: Thank you for the wonderful comment, Debi!

Bruce Combs 19 May 2010

The tone, mood, harmony and peace of the blues and lavender and circular construction all contribute to the great indescribable restfulness and peace and fullness of love, and time stopped, waiting, during the bicycle's movement, as if it actually were stationary in this harmonic mood. The quiet is total for all practical purposes: only perhaps soft gentle water’s lulling sounds. AND who but a genious artist would have guessed that the single contrast of the red, vertically centered in the painting, could so enhance the prevailing color mood! It's all so nice! Such an achievement! But just merely what we've come to expect from Artist Anneke Hut! Peace, etc., Bruce

Artist Reply: Bruce, it's remarkable how you can make me see my own painting with 'new' eyes. All these things you mention I threw on the paper without further thinking, they are there almost by accident. Your words are like a poem, it's a great joy to read them and I thank you very much for this wonderful comment!

Sharon Henson 15 May 2010

Lovely work

Artist Reply: Thank you, Sharon!

Izabella Pavlushko 12 May 2010

Great work, Annete !!!

Artist Reply: Many thanks for the kind comment, Izabella!

Renata Cavanaugh 12 May 2010

Beautiful work Anneke

Artist Reply: Thank you very much, Renata!

Barry Huyett 07 May 2010

happy and fantastic

Artist Reply: Thanks a lot, Barry! :)

Eugenia Abramson 05 May 2010

Happy painting - beautiful work!

Artist Reply: Thank you for the sweet words, Eugenia!

Junior Mclean 05 May 2010

Nice art!!

Artist Reply: Thank you, Junior!

monique cooper 03 May 2010

sooo Love this.. Adore the colors and the mood you set!!!.. Breathtaking work!!

Artist Reply: Hi Monique, thank you so much for the wonderful comment!


Beautiful precious work of Artwork,my Friend!!!BRILLIANT composition!!!This painting expresses so much Family Love between a GrandFather and a Granddaughter!!!To me this looks like the Little Girl is so Happy going for a ride with her GrandFather!!!,Dee :)

Artist Reply: Hi Dee, thank you for the lovely words! :)

Ginger Lovellette 01 May 2010

Fantastic, Anneke!

Artist Reply: Many thanks, Ginger! :)

Jerie kunitsky 30 Apr 2010

I can just feel their love when I look at this wonderful painting.

Artist Reply: Hi Jerie, thank you so much for the beautiful comment.

Sandra McClure 29 Apr 2010

Nice effect Anneke

Artist Reply: Thank you very much, Sandra!

José Fortunato 29 Apr 2010

Happiness in the face of the grandfather and in the young girl eyes ! Beautiful

Artist Reply: Thank you so much for that wonderful comment, José! I hope you are okay? :)

Loredana 28 Apr 2010

Wonderful composition Aneeke

Artist Reply: Thank you Loredana! :)

Sigridur Bachmann 28 Apr 2010

Marvelous color palette, striking composition ! The little girl face is Perfect in the expression ! Great movement !

Artist Reply: Thank you for the beautiful comment, Sigga!

jerry carlin 28 Apr 2010

Anneke, love the emotion in this!!!

Artist Reply: Many thanks, Jerry!

Caballero Salguero 28 Apr 2010

Thanks so much my dear friend Anneke, the old man, similar me, great composition, good lines and color tones, Terrific, best wishes, José

Artist Reply: Best wishes to you to too, dear José! Thank you very much!

Phil Cashdollar 28 Apr 2010

Fantastic work Anneke.... I really like it alot..

Artist Reply: Hi Phil, I'm glad you do! Thank you so much!

v blair 27 Apr 2010

Love it Anneke!

Artist Reply: Thank you very much, Vickie!

Gabrielle Stahlie 27 Apr 2010

Doet me aan het liedje denken, bij vader op de fiets.. such a charming painting Anneke..

Artist Reply: Ja, "het dorp" van Wim Sonneveld wilde ik er eerst bij zetten, maar de tekst klopt hier niet helemaal. Dankjewel voor het lieve comment, Gabrielle!

Greg Vilton 27 Apr 2010

Love the expression on the child's face. For me(maybe I'm wrong), the other character is his/her grandfather. And the little child seems so thrilled to have a ride with him. Your picture is a lovely depiction of the bond that exists between two generations.

Artist Reply: Thank you for the wonderful comment, Greg!

Bev Chudey 26 Apr 2010

Nice portrait work Anneke

Artist Reply: Thank you very much, Bev! :D

Claude Racine 26 Apr 2010

Another beautiful portrait Anneke. Very sweet!

Artist Reply: Thank you so much, Claude!

Ai Shan 26 Apr 2010

Fantastic painting, Anneke! Erg mooi!

Artist Reply: Thank you for the beautiful comment, AiShan!

Vincent von Frese 26 Apr 2010

Excellent portrait!

Artist Reply: Hi Vincent, thank you very much!

Emily Reed 26 Apr 2010


Artist Reply: Thank you very much, Emily!

Liz Robinson 26 Apr 2010

Lovely Portrait, well painted Anneke. Great colours and lovely music.

Artist Reply: Hi LIz, thanks a lot! :)

vishalandra dakur 26 Apr 2010

Great one side lighting effects, beautiful

Artist Reply: Many thanks for the visit and the kind words, Vishalandra!

Nira Dabush 25 Apr 2010

WONDERFUL LIGHTING, ANNEKE.. She seems happy.. great idea to describe happiness.

Artist Reply: Thank you for this beautiful comment, dear Nira!

LouAnn Knight 25 Apr 2010

Oh this is wonderful.. An adorable painting and the music... I can just picture the old gentleman singing this song to his little granddaughter. Sooo beautiful. How did you put the music in.. I'd love to have that music, Don't know what he's saying but he's saying it so beautifully!!Fits the picture perfectly!!!

Artist Reply: Thank you very much, LouAnn! I will send you an email about the music.:)

Joanna Jungjohann 25 Apr 2010

you've really brought a happy look in the girls eyes Anneke. most moving and precious work. love jo

Artist Reply: Thank you for the lovely comment, Joanna!

Joan Wulff 25 Apr 2010

Great colors!

Artist Reply: Thank you, Joan! :D

athala bruckner 25 Apr 2010

great job......this says so much.....

Artist Reply: That's good to hear! Thank you vey much, Athala!

Seth Weaver 25 Apr 2010

Marvelous work with great color!

Artist Reply: Thanks a lot for the kind words, Seth! :)

ruth sears 25 Apr 2010

such a beautiful background,the light and shadow are done so well,and the little child is precious.

Artist Reply: Thank you for the beautiful comment, Ruth!

Maria Mills 25 Apr 2010

I love this! What better way to show happiness than on Father's/Grandfather's bicycle bundled in a winter coat to stay nice and warm. Very sweet!

Artist Reply: I love your words, Maria. It's exactly what I was trying to convey. Thank you so much!

Eva Britt 25 Apr 2010

A wonderful painting Anneke. Beautiful colors.... really happiness!

Artist Reply: Thank you very much, Eva!

Calvin McFarlane 25 Apr 2010

a sure classic Anneke. very well done.

Artist Reply: I'm glad you like it, Calvin. Thank you!

Nelly van Nieuwenhuijzen 25 Apr 2010

beautiful work, love the subject!!

Artist Reply: Hi Nelly, thanks for the nice comment!

Olga van Dijk 25 Apr 2010

PRACHTIG en mijn POD of course... Heerlijk die Herman van Veen!! Love and Light, Moi

Artist Reply: Dear Olga, Thank you so very much for your always wonderful comments on my work! :)

Beatrix Jahn 25 Apr 2010

What a wonderful scene!!! A beautiful, beautiful piece, Anneke!!

Artist Reply: Thanks a lot my friend! :)

lillianhibiscus 25 Apr 2010

Such a heartwarming. wonderful family painting.

surekha rao 25 Apr 2010

Marvelous painting style, Anneke! Lovely and happy truly!

Artist Reply: Thank you very much, Surekha!

Maria Anna Machado 25 Apr 2010

fantastic work...

Artist Reply: Thank you, Maria!

Sharon Gonzalez 25 Apr 2010


Artist Reply: Hi Sharon, thank you very much for your sweet comment!