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My Own Snow

Yesterday we were supposed to have snow. All that fell were a couple flurries that lasted less than a minute each. Soooooo I painted "my own snow" on canvas from one of the photos I took of the Christmas snow here. I hope that you enjoy!


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John Cappello 17 Feb 2010

...Because there's Snow blizzness like Snow blizzness. I love this Sharon.

gabrielle lee 17 Feb 2010

Lovely snow scene, great detail and depth, n' thanks for your kind comments Sharon :)

Caballero Salguero 17 Feb 2010

Great landescape. Lovely never, splendid colors. Very well done.Sharon. José

debbie collier 17 Feb 2010

Beautifully done!!

Aqua1955 16 Feb 2010

It is just as cold as our snow lol. But i think more beautifull and warm this way

Vivian Gutierrez 16 Feb 2010

gorgeous work

Laurel Talabere 16 Feb 2010

Very pretty painting.

Nancy Dadisman 16 Feb 2010

It's very good.

Brenda Thour 16 Feb 2010

Wonderful Sharon. I love the brushstrokes in the snow!

lillianhibiscus 16 Feb 2010

Lovely and very pleasing to the eye. Wonderful composition.

Robin Foss 16 Feb 2010

Very well done.

jimmy guan 15 Feb 2010

Incredible Beauty! You texture is wonderful! Very muted colors, wonderfully used. Great Job Sharon

surekha rao 15 Feb 2010

Marvelous textures.... great landscape, Sharon!

Craig Cantrell 15 Feb 2010

I love the kniff work,the landscaping awesome great colors.

Lynn De Serres 15 Feb 2010

Very fine artwork indeed, Sharon. Looks like you have more snow than I do - and I live in Canada.

Donald Schrier 15 Feb 2010

very well done Sharon. Looks like it did around here in Atlanta a couple days ago. Thank goodness all that beauty is gone and we still have yours to enjoy.

mel taylor 15 Feb 2010

I'll send you some!! smile.. Wonderful painting, Sharon!!

Steve Haynes 15 Feb 2010

beautifully done Sharon

Francine Henderson 15 Feb 2010

Very nice Sharon

Julie Mayser 15 Feb 2010

There is nice movement in this, Sharon... I especially like the little touch of sunlight in the upper right corner! :-)

BILL NAGY 15 Feb 2010


Jeff Thomason 15 Feb 2010

That's great you don't wait for the weather. I really love the paint strokes and how they convey the snow.

Phil Cashdollar 15 Feb 2010

fantastic painting ..

LouAnn Knight 15 Feb 2010

We got your snow, here in South GA. LOL 4". and I must say your painting looks like my back yard! only prettier, I think!!

jamie winter 15 Feb 2010

love the build up of paint and the strokes on this one. excellent work Sharon.!

Joan Stohlman 15 Feb 2010

It`s a terrific painting, Sharon!

Loredana 15 Feb 2010

Great Work Sharon

Brenda Loveless 15 Feb 2010

nice painting, sharon!! our snow was so heavy that lots of tree branches were broken and power lines down around much of north Texas (we were lucky though)

Frank Maguire 15 Feb 2010

Nice work Sharon.

Alberto D'Assumpcao 15 Feb 2010

Love the textures, Sharon!!! Splendid work!

Marika Antal 15 Feb 2010

very good i love it!!

Shannon Slaydon 15 Feb 2010

Very beautiful, Sharon! Great job, as always! Great textures also!

Warren Ballard 15 Feb 2010

Awesome painting Sharon, I DO enjoy!

James Carney 15 Feb 2010

Nice composition.

Lorna Skeie 15 Feb 2010

What a georgeous painting Sharon!!!!!!!! You did just as well with your own snow. My pod

Ai Shan 15 Feb 2010

A marvelous painting, dear Sharon!

Eva Britt 15 Feb 2010

What a beautiful painting have captured the beauty of winter season in a wonderful way

Beatrix Jahn 15 Feb 2010

My little snow MONSTER...ya did good! Very nice work, Sharon!

Kovács János 15 Feb 2010

superb work, Sharon! :)

Joanna Jungjohann 15 Feb 2010

way to go sharon!~

Vernonette Gaddy 15 Feb 2010

An ideal artistic representation of the Winter season Sharon.

Nira Dabush 15 Feb 2010

I must show you, my OWN Snow.. LOL.. Summer here in the middle of Winter.. Brilliant outstnding artwork, my dear Sharon.. BRAVO..!!

Sigridur Bachmann 15 Feb 2010

Wonderful colors and amazing landscape and texture !

José Fortunato 15 Feb 2010

Beautiful acrylic. Love your snow

Calvin McFarlane 15 Feb 2010

you do that so very well

Patty Day 15 Feb 2010

Awesome , lovely the texture great work again my friend!!

joost 15 Feb 2010

Marvellous and very well done;..Sharon.

jerry carlin 15 Feb 2010

Sharon, you have your "land legs" back! This is a great winter snow scene! They need you in Vancouver!

Stefani Wehner 15 Feb 2010

wonderfully done, Sharon. Love all the tiny snow flakes and the texture.

Annette Labedzki 15 Feb 2010

yes great snow but where oh where is the snow man??

ruth sears 15 Feb 2010


Miles Baker 15 Feb 2010

Great use of light and texture-My POD! Miles XXXX

Frances Perea 15 Feb 2010

You are so good with detail and texture Sharon! Lovely painting!