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Cartagena, Colombia

I took these from our room's balcony. I hope that you enjoy!


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Laurel Talabere 16 Feb 2010

Nicely composed, beautiful colors.

Caballero Salguero 16 Feb 2010

Thanks so much, my dear friend, Sharon.Beautiful Photographs, of Colombia.Belle Port and great city. Marvelous. Well done.Hugs, José

John Cappello 15 Feb 2010

I read the title and never thought it would look like this! Amazing!

Brenda Loveless 15 Feb 2010

most impressive!

Robin Foss 15 Feb 2010

Great shots.

Loredana 14 Feb 2010

Beautiful Images Sharon :)

Basant Soni 14 Feb 2010

Incredible view of harbor..Colombia.....feel always immense pleasure to view ur work/art of a great depth.!! Wishing grand ...V-Day...from my end too...!!

Steve Haynes 14 Feb 2010

great shots Sharon

Julie Mayser 14 Feb 2010

Very colorful and interesting... looks like it was fairly calm, so you could take a decent photo!!! :-)

Nancy Dadisman 14 Feb 2010

Nice captures.

athala bruckner 14 Feb 2010

nice shots....

mel taylor 14 Feb 2010

Beautiful skyline!!

Sara Deutsch 14 Feb 2010

The light and clarity especially of the top one is amazing!

kelvin Hughes 14 Feb 2010

just to let you know Kelvin has been taken into hospital

Stefani Wehner 14 Feb 2010

fantastic shots of a beautiful water front and a busy harbour!

Craig Cantrell 14 Feb 2010

Fantastic, love the city seascape.

BILL NAGY 14 Feb 2010

Beautiful harbor scenes, Sharon.. Well done.

Ai Shan 14 Feb 2010

Fantastic scenery shots, dear Sharon!

Frank Maguire 14 Feb 2010

Good shots Sharon.

Roy Penny 14 Feb 2010

These will make great puzzle pictures... Could yu imagine putting something like that to puzzle form!!!

James Carney 14 Feb 2010

nice shots.

geoff cooper 14 Feb 2010

I wish you would settle down and put your feet up at home for a while, I can't keep up with great pictures dear Sharon.

Calvin McFarlane 14 Feb 2010

wow. fantastic views

Lorna Skeie 14 Feb 2010

Fantastic shots Sharon. Looks like the weather was perfect

Eva Britt 14 Feb 2010

Beautiful views Sharon...I love both photos

ruth sears 14 Feb 2010

lovely shots Sharon!

Paul Traudt 14 Feb 2010

I love the shapes and colors Great shot

Vernonette Gaddy 14 Feb 2010

Wonderful teachable photograph that you have produced Sharon. I am a teacher of young children and your picture would make an ideal poster to showcase Shapes. Triangles and rectangles are prominently displayed in your Shipping Dock picture.

woodrow williams 14 Feb 2010

Beautiful Shot Sharon! I never knew Columbia, SC had a Shipping Dock. I just have to get out more.

Rod Schneider 14 Feb 2010

Interesting. I wouldn't have imagined so modern a city.

Annette Labedzki 14 Feb 2010

gorgeous , I want to be there..go Canada go eh?

Fátima Stamato 14 Feb 2010

Beautiful shot!

Nelly van Nieuwenhuijzen 14 Feb 2010

wow, this is MARVELLOUS!!!!!!!!!!!

Nira Dabush 14 Feb 2010

FANTASTIC Shots, Sharon dear.. just marvelous photos from your vacation. LOVE To see them.. XOX

lillianhibiscus 14 Feb 2010

So blue and beautiful!

Jerry Lee Cline 14 Feb 2010

Great Shots Sharon...A Globe Trotter, anyway great shots Sharon....

Warren Ballard 14 Feb 2010

Nice shots Sharon, you certainly are a globe trotter!

Michele Foster 14 Feb 2010

Love the colors!

Beatrix Jahn 14 Feb 2010

Cartegena.........have to think of that movie with Michael Douglas when I hear that name! ------ Super shots!

jamie winter 14 Feb 2010

great shots Sharon~

Terry Suthers 14 Feb 2010

I have to say it sure looks warmer than here. Nice shots.