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As the time goes by, while being an active member of this art site, I realize that so many people are following my steps.
Of course, I noways have updated list of art watchers.. But then...
It will be quite extraordinary to know people, I'm not really familiar with from real world, nor virtual world.. are WATCHING ME.
BUT, This is internet I guess...
And so I thanks all my usual "ties".. and those that are as attached to my usual ties, in one way or another. Those that I know, those that I don't know, those that I will know.. Those that I will never really know.

Since when are you here, watching me, that is , if I may ask ?..

I hope you enjoy my posts and thanks for visiting
Have a splendid weekend... I must be OFF to the studio, a painting in process is waiting for me.
Copyrights (c) Nira Dabush


Anonymous Guest

Fran Lafferty 17 Dec 2016

Hello, Nira! I just joined this site this month, and just saw this particular piece today. It looks like it was a lot of fun to create, and I like your description/comments. :D

Pamela Rivera 24 Mar 2015

i love this one....very calming:)

John Cappello 08 Jun 2012

This is a nicely composed is wonderfully done. The muted, soft colors give a nice feel to it.

craig moline 01 Oct 2010

Beautiful design and colors! And thank you so much for all the support you have given me through out the years. God bless you Nira!

Anonymous Guest 02 Mar 2010

Just fantastic design ! SUPERB !!!

Anonymous Guest 19 Oct 2009

Gorgeous internet connections. Love the combination of color. Glad to take part.

geoff cooper 18 Oct 2009

I watch you all the time dear friend...

Artist Reply: Thanks so much dear Friend, Geoff.

Barry Huyett 17 Oct 2009

great creative design!

Artist Reply: Thanks so much dear Friend, Barry.

Calvin McFarlane 17 Oct 2009

to know and yet to not know thats cyberspace for trust in a signal, a code, a sequence. always nice to put a face and something personal to it and that you always do nira. THANK YOU dear lady.

Artist Reply: It is SO TRUE, dear Calvin. You put it to words, so correctly. I think it is very easy to get to know me, because of my honesty, which usually know no compromises. THOUGH.. I leaned my lessons in cyberspace ( on a hard way, sorry to say). Trust not always can be found here.. And sometimes, at a place you most expected it - It is not there. True also... that in some places, you can find the most trustful people - cyberspace or not... friends for LIFE. Warm regards.

Anonymous Guest 16 Oct 2009

I'm not sure when But I think at least since 2005 when I joined. Maybe longer. Time is so indistinct now. But it has been wonderful being acquainted, via the net, with you and the others I have in my "watch" list. Thanks to y'all.. LouAnn

Artist Reply: Yes.. I think I know yo since 05, at the same time with Susan Shiroma, 'm sure you remember her.. she left AW, But was truly a wonderful person. Love from here... Nira.

Thom Roslan 16 Oct 2009

BOY ! That's really putting the I-Net in it's proper place.....It has become more than "Actual" OR "Reality" Life ...... Your image speaks very loudly for looking like the I-Net......Beautifully put Niri !

Artist Reply: Oh hello there, Thomi my friend.. you knew when to post a comment, just as I do replies. Well, it quite quiet here, actually, at least in comments, I think it could be excellent idea to add our voices while doing the comments, what do you think?... .. and I feel AW is a quiet site, don't you... You can "view" the sounds at other sites. Perhaps I post a suggestion to add voices to comments. Thanks my friend

Elton Houck 16 Oct 2009

A textile kaleidoscope. intriguing pattern

Artist Reply: Thanks so much dear Elton.. Warm regards, Nira.

Anneke Hut 16 Oct 2009

Hi Nira, I visited your gallery on December 16th 2007 for the first time and have been a fan of you and your art ever since! :) Have a splendid weekend, my friend!

Artist Reply: Well, Anneke thanks a lot, its wonderful that you remember the exact date :-)).. I join AW in Aug 04.. I just can't believe it, thinking of it.. how time runs.

jorge gallardo 16 Oct 2009

Hi beautiful Nira! You're a great person, and a wonderful artist! I enjoy your work all the way from Toledo, OH! =0)

Artist Reply: Hello handsome, Jorge.. How are you ?.. How is your lady ( from the kissing :-) Thanks so much for visiting... I'm glad to have you here.

Reba McDonald 16 Oct 2009

As usual...beautiful work Nira.

Artist Reply: As usual, you are so welcome here, my dear Reba. I hope you are well.

ruth sears 16 Oct 2009

this is so very striking in design and color,and even if only by internet,I am glad to know you.

Artist Reply: Hello Ruth.. Glad to meet you too, Internet become part of many people's every day's life. Warm regards.

Sigridur Bachmann 16 Oct 2009

Great perspective ! Gorgeous and so colorful design ! BEAUTIFUL TEXT AND YOU BRIGHTEN MY DAY TOO ! Thank you my dear friend !

Artist Reply: Hello Sigga my friend.. You brighten my evening with visiting me.. Warm regards.

Steve Farr 16 Oct 2009

Wonderful design, Nira!! Like the title also, my friend!!~S

Artist Reply: Hello Steve..!~ Thanks so much for visiting.. Glad you enjoy my post.. Happy to have you as my of my AW relationships.

Sharon Gonzalez 16 Oct 2009


Artist Reply: Hello Sharon.. Thanks so much for visiting, Glad to have you as one of my friends. And I agree with you, I thought to day, when I was outside, that it could be a wonderful fabric for a bag, somehow. XOXOX

KC CHANG 16 Oct 2009


Artist Reply: Hello KC, You brighten my day also.. THough almost night here as I reply to you. Warm regards.

Beatrix Jahn 16 Oct 2009

You're more than just the internet for me after I heard your voice. And Im sure we will me in real life! A beautiful design! Shabbat shalom, chavera sheli! xox

Artist Reply: Hello chaverati Trixi.. it was wonderful talking to you few times over the phone. THanks for the friendship. LOVE... XOX

Ai Shan 16 Oct 2009

Very nice design, Nira!

Artist Reply: Thanks a lot dear Aishan.. Warm regards.. NIRA.

Emily Reed 16 Oct 2009


Artist Reply: Thanks so much dear Emily.. Warm regards, Nira.

jamie winter 16 Oct 2009

excellent imagry, we follow you for your work and kindness. many good and wonderful years ahead!!!!

Artist Reply: Hello Jamie... its WONDERFUL to view your fantastic art as well.. Thanks for the kindness.. NIRA.

Nelly van Nieuwenhuijzen 16 Oct 2009

you are for me Nirasje and very RL, vivid, brilliant and beautiful and a great artist! Have a splendid day! hugs from me and thanks for the beautiful work here!

Artist Reply: Hello Nellushka.. great artist yourself. Thanks for the wonderful friendship. Love from Israel.. HUGS + Dash to Leendert.

kelvin Hughes 16 Oct 2009

excellent image well done annd those that follow your work also think your gret to

Artist Reply: Hello Kelvin.. THanks for the most excellent visit to my portfolio.. Thanks for the friendship.. warm regards, NIRA.