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Homework - March, 19, 79

Well... I was looking at my letters box ( for a reason )
And found this. That day I was ill with flu possibly at home, and was receiving the homework from my best girlfriend that time of my life, Daphna.
First image: special note of homework.
Second image:"the artistic drawings were done, in physics lesson."
Upper portrait, Ilan, the biology teacher. the portrait below of Zamora, history teacher.
The only note of homework I saved... very strange.. perhaps because of the sentimental drawings...
The girls we were...........
Thanks for viewing and commenting.
Copyrights (c) DP
N.B: The date was written by me, as I recognize my hand writing.

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Anonymous Guest

geoff cooper 18 Oct 2009

nice, Nira..

Alberto D'Assumpcao 16 Oct 2009

It's so wonderful to remember!!!...

Thom Roslan 16 Oct 2009

Aaaaaaaahhh Memories ! ! !

Reba McDonald 15 Oct 2009

I'm happy no one saved my doodlings. Great memories Nira.

Elton Houck 15 Oct 2009

memories..great to be able to remember...hang on to the good ones...sometimes that is all we have to help us put one foot in front of the other one...