3 Small Books #3

Thank you to my dear friend Annette Labedzki and her wonderful “how to” YouTube at: http://www.youtube.com/user/annettelabedzki100#play/uploads/4/AnaWwTRvVzk for teaching me to create these fun little books. Hope that you enjoy!!!


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John Cappello 16 Dec 2014

Great seascape Book too,charming and refreshing scene!


Beautifully done . Thanks for sharing . ~ jennifer kessell

surekha rao 06 Oct 2009

Gorgeous collection of books!!

Lynn De Serres 06 Oct 2009


Teresa Dominici 05 Oct 2009

Very creative and beautiful work.

Vernonette Gaddy 04 Oct 2009

Unique and beautiful book designs Sharon.

Shakeh Sarookhanian 04 Oct 2009

Very nice ,lovely Sharon!

Sue Warne 04 Oct 2009

So pretty Sharon - love the marine one :)

Susana Araujo 04 Oct 2009

Great job. I love them.

John Sweeney 04 Oct 2009

Great job! Love the Fish book!

Nira Dabush 04 Oct 2009

fantastic sharon!.. it seems like a lot of fun. Truly stunning collection.

John Flynn 03 Oct 2009

Hi Sharon ! those are beautiful, i love the fishy one

lillianhibiscus 03 Oct 2009

Absolutely gorgeous!

Petra Wohlwerth 03 Oct 2009

They look nice. You´re very creative, Sharon.

mel taylor 03 Oct 2009

Beautiful, Sharon!! You should start a business with these!!

geoff cooper 03 Oct 2009

nice ones Sharon, keeping you busy with these....

Laurel Talabere 03 Oct 2009

All of of your small books are really lovely -- so creative.

Marika Antal 03 Oct 2009

its a lovely work!!

Steve Haynes 03 Oct 2009

great work Sharon

kelvin Hughes 03 Oct 2009

lovely stuff Sharon well done excellent

Joan Stohlman 02 Oct 2009

Very cute covers, Sharon.

James Carney 02 Oct 2009

There cute.

BILL NAGY 02 Oct 2009

Nice job Sharon.

Shannon Slaydon 02 Oct 2009

You're so creative, Sharon! Great job, as always!

Patty Day 02 Oct 2009

Excellent work, so cool....

Donald Schrier 02 Oct 2009

Very nice and in the same trend as the ones you posted the other day. Like the one with the fish and the one with the butterfly but the one with the flower does noting for me.

Sigridur Bachmann 02 Oct 2009

Outstanding and beautiful photo ! Very well done !

jamie winter 02 Oct 2009

your so busy sharon. most wonderful~~~~!

Lorna Skeie 02 Oct 2009

These are so nice. You never run out of creative ideas do you

Brenda Loveless 02 Oct 2009

especially love the one with the fishes!

Kovács János 02 Oct 2009

creative work!

Annette Labedzki 02 Oct 2009

Oh excellent..you are a book monster!

Loredana 02 Oct 2009

More boos Sharon nice

Julie Mayser 02 Oct 2009

MOre delightful books! Truly so very creative and colorful,Sharon!

Aqua1955 02 Oct 2009

Wonderfull Sharon.. shop value items

Regina Coeli deWinter 02 Oct 2009

Your craft work is wonderful, I love the fishies!

Ai Shan 02 Oct 2009

Lovely books again, dear Sharon!

Miles Baker 02 Oct 2009

Three small books=THREE FAB CREATIONS!-yet again!!! Miles XXXXX

Maria Anna Machado 02 Oct 2009


ruth sears 02 Oct 2009

these are all so wonderful and inventive,looks like a fun project to do.