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The Spell of Cleopetra * 2009

The SPELL is so seductive and wild… You find yourself drawn along with her feminine wiles irresistible like the flow of the Nile, her majesty there is no denial, even the recarnation of Caesar with all his power fell for an Egyptian Bike… Ancient powers of long ago trap the unwary and never let you go, making love like you’ve never known, floating by Egypt’s imperial thrones of Pharaohs long ago, but all you see is this eastern bike , who fills your night with passion that sets your soul afire, is it some ancient magic that inspires… In a barge along the Nile or in the desert sands running wild at home every moment is this Egyptian child, for she is one with this her ancient lands and you feel the magic when she takes your hand, then you understand the history at your command… * The Spell of Cleopetra ( 2009 ) ...Concept art by Kiddolucaslee


Anonymous Guest (IP:

Frances Perea 27 Jan 2010

Very unique & original!

Artist Reply: I was more happier with the CONcept word for this Digital creation..Thankyou so much

Calvin McFarlane 16 May 2009

very exceedingly well done

Artist Reply: I saw this Bluemachine..I fell in love with the enginepart....I had a create an intimacy..I digitalized it into Red Lingerie lady

ruth sears 15 May 2009


Artist Reply: Thank you