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For my wonderful mother-in- law

It is almost night after a long day.
What has been done has been done;
what has not been done has not
been done;
let it be.


That perches in the soul
And sings the tune without the words
And never stops at all
And sweetest in the gale is heard.
Emily Dickenson


Copyright Olga van Dijk 2009
All rights reserved.
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Anonymous Guest (IP:

david snider 27 Aug 2011

depth space really nailed this one

John Cappello 21 Jun 2010

Brings together thousands of thoughts that progress & advance as fast as civilization. "A treat for both mind and Spirit." ADMIRABLE.

Maria Murphy 19 Jun 2010

S T U N N I N G !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-)

Bruce Combs 29 Jun 2009

Hello, Olga, finally! How gorgeous all of the skies and water here. Truly reassuring about the universe and its beauty as well as encouraging us through all our "challenging" and "learning" times. I love all the paintings on the cover page. Thank you for spreading some of the beauty or the universe with every post you do. Peace, etc., Bruce

Caballero Salguero 24 Jun 2009

The sleep of all man. In all times. Wow always. Hugs. José

Piero Lucia 23 Jun 2009


Calvin McFarlane 04 May 2009

yes, very beautiful and it looks so good on the wall.

tasha art 01 May 2009


Jean M. Laffitau 03 Apr 2009

So very intense and powerful!!

Manuel rodriguez 28 Mar 2009

Beautiful work Olga

Ulughbek Mukhamedov 08 Mar 2009

Impresses very good picture!

Olga Osi 27 Feb 2009

Top quality in every way! Bravo!

Cheryl Damschen 16 Feb 2009

Olga, It just wraps around you, blanketting you with love, peace and warmth. Yes, what is done is done and that is good.

Tina DeVries 10 Feb 2009

Wow. This is truly a moving piece of art!

Karen Cash 03 Feb 2009

I was just browsing through your portfolio, and you do fantastic work! Love it!

Tabitha Borges 31 Jan 2009

stunning art

Izabella Pavlushko 30 Jan 2009

it looks reaay fantastic... energy, passion, power, well done dear Olga !

Stefani Wehner 30 Jan 2009

stunning colors for a beautiful painting, Olga!!!

Joke Schotting 30 Jan 2009

Amazing work my friend my pic of the day

Rusty Woodward-Gladdish 28 Jan 2009

A thing of beauty is joy forever!!

Valentina Gatewood 27 Jan 2009

Perfect Sunset !!!

José Fortunato 27 Jan 2009

Great abstract ! All the best to your family

Anonymous Guest (IP: 26 Jan 2009

Oh, Olga, How gorgeous, such emotion. Wow! Lucie :)

pa fredrik 26 Jan 2009

good acrylic, why can't you see my works?

Sarkis Sarkissian 26 Jan 2009

Beautiful painting : )

Barry Huyett 26 Jan 2009

hoPe we need!

Anonymous Guest (IP: 26 Jan 2009

HARRY KLEEFSMAN, Hallo Olga, we hebben met aandacht deze creatie bekeken en de achterliggende gedachten in ons opgenomen. Het lijkt ons dat je deze gedachten op doek hebt gezet tussen je herfst bezoek aan Leersum en de Kersttijd!! We vinden het beiden mooi, dus zowel de ondergaande zon (Henny) en ook de treffende woorden. Het doek lijkt sterk op het kleinere exemplaar wat je voor hen meebracht. Dus de zelfde kleuren. Petje af!! Liefs en groeten van Harry en Loes

John Fish 25 Jan 2009

stunning painting and wonderful graphic piece. the poetry go with it so well. great inspirational image for poster or card as well as being so beautiful as a painting

Brigitte Hintner 25 Jan 2009

Hi dear Olga , you did a wonderful job here the red !!! Lovely greetings to you and all the best for your mother- in - law ! :-)

Julie Mayser 24 Jan 2009

A very beautiful painting, serene and glowing! Superb, Olga! Funny, I just finished a sunset too,, but a little one!

Anonymous Guest (IP: 24 Jan 2009

Wonderful painting and wonderful sentiments, prayers are with you and your mother in law

June Steward 23 Jan 2009

Inspirational image and words, awesome!

Anonymous Guest (IP: 23 Jan 2009

My pic of the day.. NIRA.

Nira Dabush 23 Jan 2009

FANTASTIC WARM AND Absolutely emotional work, dear Olga.. Love your work and chosen words to go with it. My prayers are with you and with your wonderful mother in law, undoubtedly you love her. Love & light... NIRA.

Artist Reply: oh Nira, thank you so much. I will send your message to her, since it s her 58th wedding anniversary. Yes, she is a special person... Thanks a million for your warm hearted reaction. Very much appreciated. And as you quoted yourself today n your strong watercolor: we have to keep on dreaming to get our wishes fulfilled. Love and Light~OLGA

Petra Wohlwerth 23 Jan 2009

Great colours. You did a very good job.

Thom Roslan 23 Jan 2009

OUTSTANDING Olga...... Fantastic colors and blends.....your a "master" !

Bev Chudey 22 Jan 2009


Sandra McClure 22 Jan 2009

Beautiful work Olga

annette steens 22 Jan 2009

wow...Olga echt heel erg mooi!!!! Ben niet vaak meer op aw. All in balance the poem and the wonderful image!

elizabeth clausen 22 Jan 2009

lovely work, Olga! I have not been here in awhile. It is such a pleasure to see your work. . !!!

leny hendrickx 22 Jan 2009

beautyful poem !!! and greatttt picture.

Seth Weaver 22 Jan 2009

An awesome work with a marvelous mood, Olga. Wonderful warm inspiring colors!

Lynn De Serres 22 Jan 2009

Magnificent artwork.

Jan van Baarle 22 Jan 2009

Gorgeous Olga!

Marika Antal 21 Jan 2009

lovely idea,love it!!

LouAnn Knight 21 Jan 2009

OUTSTANDING!!! So beautiful and what a setting.. sets it off perfectly. AWESOME!!!

Francis Rivera 21 Jan 2009

Very beautiful painting! ^_^

KC CHANG 21 Jan 2009


paul megens 21 Jan 2009

mooi Olga .

Mary Janosik 21 Jan 2009

Brilliant and gorgeous, Olga!!! Wise words.... :)

Alberto D'Assumpcao 21 Jan 2009

Fantastic work and colours, Olga!

Robin Foss 21 Jan 2009

Very well done.

Annette Labedzki 21 Jan 2009

excellent colors

Ann Fawssett-Atkin 21 Jan 2009

Good to have you back Olga. Agree with Frank Maguire.

Loren Carson 21 Jan 2009


Frank Maguire 21 Jan 2009

That is a beautiful thought and a wonderful painting to go with it. But she deserves it I'm sure.

Gabrielle Stahlie 21 Jan 2009

Excellent werk Olga! Vlammend...

Amanda Tucker 21 Jan 2009

beautiful colors

Nelly van Nieuwenhuijzen 21 Jan 2009


Delfina Mendonça 21 Jan 2009

Very great inspiration Olga, fantastic

Phil Armitage 21 Jan 2009

vibrant and inspiring

Ai Shan 21 Jan 2009

Fantastic painting, Olga!

Anonymous Guest (IP: 21 Jan 2009

Gorgeous mom! Absolutly gorgeous! xo Fleur

Sharon Gonzalez 21 Jan 2009


Anonymous Guest (IP: 21 Jan 2009

Thank you, Olga, The smile of the sky. Red bellos. Wonderful painting. For always. José

Anneke Hut 21 Jan 2009

Hi Olga, such a wonderful painting and poem for your mother-in-law. I hope you are well, sending good vibes your way!