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Love and Communication©

In the series of "Immigrant's Grief"
(A creative outburst of emotions)

Love and Communication©

Ever had the feeling somebody didn’t understand what you meant? Or that you couldn’t express what you had on the tip of your tongue in your own language?
~As an immigrant that’s part of life.~
The hardest thing for me was, that -there came a moment in my life- I couldn’t understand my own daughters. Younger than me, and as long in this new country as I was, at that very moment they spoke their new language better than I did; now they prefer to speak English rather than their mother tongue Dutch.
That’s what I would call part of an
“Immigrant's Grief.”

As always
Love and Light for you and yours.

For accompanying music and a video of a
Mother's Love please click on the arrow:

For more art in this series please click on: ELEGY©

Small mixed media COLLAGE
on Arches 140lb Cold press paper.
Dimensions: 9'x11'
White matting and framed in simple black frame


Copyright Olga van Dijk 2008©
Unauthorized copying or use of images is prohibited.


Anonymous Guest (IP:

Chepulskaya Nataliya 13 May 2011

Very musical language wonderful colors!

Caballero Salguero 27 May 2010

Thanks so much my dear friend Olga, excellent painting, great composition and fantasy creative, complementary colors, belle game,lines, you know what makes...Is terrific,hugs, José

Artist Reply: Thank you my friend! I personally like this one very much too! Love and Light, MOI

Henrique Serra 12 Jan 2010

great ! beautiful colors and composition . .

Susana Araujo 25 Dec 2008

Wonderful artwork!

Francisco Capelo 24 Aug 2008

You have a faantastic sense of colors. Great painting indeed.

David sIMON 27 Jun 2008


Ruth Kauffman 14 Apr 2008

WOW!!! I can't believe that I missed this beautiful creation, Olga!!! Very moving...and of course the music.. EXQUISITE!!!!

Bernhard Mueller 12 Apr 2008

A masterpiece of art.

joost 11 Apr 2008

Beautiful and a masterpiece!!!

william maldonado 11 Apr 2008

Superb work and color scheme

mark jorgenson 10 Apr 2008

Amazing expressive peice!

Doris B. Lambling 10 Apr 2008

fascinating and inspiring! du verstehst es ganz außerordentlich Herz und Verstand zu berühren, liebe Olga!

Pepita Selles 09 Apr 2008

Wonderful to understand the art laungage without words.All people can think and understand,no borders and no laungage can stop us. Like your painting,colors and the calm it gives.The music also gave it some more,a touch of freedom.

Anonymous Guest (IP: 03 Apr 2008

very nice.awsome!!!!

Katerina Koukiotis 03 Apr 2008

lovely colors!

Ingrid Kolster 03 Apr 2008

This a wonderful painting Olga.

Steve Farr 02 Apr 2008

WoW!! Wonderful again, Olga!!~S

NVJasmin Rodriguez Garcia 31 Mar 2008

excellent presentation!!!

Madeleine Maria Weber 31 Mar 2008

Hi Olga, I understand you very good. I am german,in irland now, no misunderstanding with colours but words, words, words. The "understanding wholes" in your painting....fantastic...actually my interpretation. I love the freedom of can mean everything and nothing. Love Madeleine *

Renata Cavanaugh 31 Mar 2008


jessica torrant 29 Mar 2008

Powerful and inspiring!

Francis Rivera 28 Mar 2008

Very nice! ^_^

LaChrisa Brown 28 Mar 2008

Very powerful!

Analua 28 Mar 2008

Magnific work dear Olga!

Hassan Pasha 28 Mar 2008

Among men and women, those in love do not always announce themselves with declarations and vows. But they are the ones who weep when you're gone. Who miss you every single night, especially when the sky is so deep and beautiful, and the ground so very cold~ Alice Hoffman **************** mama van dijk, gorgeous work as always, colors are absolutely brilliant and fantastic, when are you coming to exhibit at the victoria gallery here in Melbourne, we need your work here .. come ASAP

Gabrielle Stahlie 27 Mar 2008

I can imagine... the grief.... A wonderful capture of this feeling Olga!

Federica Bentivoglio 27 Mar 2008

Interesting work.... Sorry if I didn't write you in the last months but I was so busy with my wedding...

Tia Antoniades 27 Mar 2008

Very inspirational

Ron DeMore 26 Mar 2008

Wounderful Olga

Celeste Smith 26 Mar 2008

Fantastic work Olga!!!

Celeste Smith 26 Mar 2008

Fantastic work Olga!!!

Celeste Smith 26 Mar 2008

Fantastic work Olga!!!

Sara Deutsch 26 Mar 2008

Innovative and intriguing!

Anonymous Guest (IP: 26 Mar 2008

Olga, You surely do have the GIFT...of talent .....

Manna Lai 25 Mar 2008

love the color and layout.

kath nepia 25 Mar 2008


Jessica Courtley-Rose 25 Mar 2008


Cynthia Fisher 25 Mar 2008

So beautiful! Wonderful colors...lovely image!

Brigitte Hintner 25 Mar 2008

amazing work ...I truly love all your colourful images , so refreshing and uplifting in every way ! Bravo dear Olga !:-)

annette steens 25 Mar 2008

WONDERFUL expression of your feelings, dear Olga! I can imagine those feelings quiet well I am also living abroad! But...we are one big family I have learned and it gives so much new fine inspirations, so always try to enjoy!

Artist Reply: And I DO!!!! Dank voor je lieve "uplifting" (zo'n mooi woord in het Engels!) woorden, lieve Annette!

Rusty Woodward-Gladdish 25 Mar 2008

Hello Olga!! How are you? Did you have a good holiday? I love these paintings. They have a lightness of heart but in there somewhere there's a tiny little bit of sadness. Loved your text about 'immigrant's grief'. Very poignant!

Karen Cash 25 Mar 2008

so very wonderful Olga!

Emmanuel Martinez 25 Mar 2008

Great powerful work!

Petra Wohlwerth 25 Mar 2008

This painting is really wonderful. I can see myself in this work. Although my troubles in communication with others are in another way difficult I can understand what you meant and wanted to show with your describtion and this outstanding painting.

Bev Chudey 25 Mar 2008

Wonderful abstract Olga! You are so talented in your titles and discriptions of your art!!

Robin Webster 25 Mar 2008

This is stunning Olga! Very artistic and moody!

Tahnja Wolter 25 Mar 2008

striking, emotional and deeply heartfelt. I can feel the rhythym of life's joys and griefs in this world of yours my friend

Izabella Pavlushko 25 Mar 2008

Beatiful abstract art, Olga !!! ~Izabella

Hiromi Green 25 Mar 2008

This work is so emotional! I always love when you used a music note in your art. I need this "Love and communication"!

Blue Doll 25 Mar 2008

interesting piece Olga!

Ginger Lovellette 25 Mar 2008

Now it's my turn, Olga...what in the world did you use to create this masterpiece?

Jean M. Laffitau 25 Mar 2008

"it speaks volumes and undoubtedly you're one of the most talented and powerful artist I met" (Armando) I haven't met you in real life yet, but your art talks about an outstanding and marvellous personality and strong character! Love and light, my friend!

Armando Salas 25 Mar 2008

I must confess the abstract art isn't "my kind" of art, but yours is different; it speaks volumes and undoubtedly you're one of the most talented and powerful artist I met. As you say, Love & light. We all need them.

Artist Reply: Thanks Armando... coming from you, this means a lot to me... Wishing you a sparkling day filled with LOVE and LIGHT!--OLGA

Joanna Jungjohann 25 Mar 2008

oh yeah, Olga, many a times. That is the main reason I was first inspired to use my images to express my thoughts and Ideals on the mighty and mundane issues and simple feelings in my heart. your work is most inspired and awesome, love jo.

thea walstra 25 Mar 2008

Very artistic, interesting and wonderful art Olga.

Barry Huyett 25 Mar 2008

WOW!.........very vibrant...a joy to behold!

Lili Segal 25 Mar 2008

Outstanding work, Olga! Simply Stunning!!! As for the grief it conveys, I can see exactly what you mean. Israel, as you probably know, is a melting pot of people from so many countries and their languages. My parents are of Polish origine. My mother learned Hebrew so that I won't be ashamed of her when I was a kid. Ephraim Kishon, who is widely regarded as one of Israel's greatest humorists, used to say that "Israel is a country where mothers learn the "mother-tongue" from their children" :-) But you found such a great universal means of communications - your unique art! I admire your talent! Warmest regards, Lili.

Roberta Ponte 25 Mar 2008

wonderful, vibrant...yes sometimes it happened that people doesn't understand is the best language anyone can speak...

José Fortunato 25 Mar 2008

Where there is love, always will be comunication ! Great work, Olga

Alex Preiss 24 Mar 2008

Excellent bilingual artwork!.

Mary Janosik 24 Mar 2008

I love these pieces...I too, love the expressive and always positive feel in your art. As always, you seem to have the musical theme somewhere in your work. Mother's grief, too. Been here all my life and I couldn't understand my kids language at one time either. Now we seem to get each other MOST of the time.... :)

debbie braswell 24 Mar 2008

fantastic work as always olga

Mrs.David Jobes(Dee) Jobes 24 Mar 2008

BEAUTIFUL Brillliant artistry,Olga!!!Just love Your Unique Brilliant Style!!!

Carliss Mora 24 Mar 2008

Olga, this is moving and very masterfully done. I imagine that could be a grief, but perhaps the grief could be turned around, and become something positive.

monique cooper 24 Mar 2008

Oh Hun... i soo adore this peice!!!.. so much expression!!

Chris Roukema 24 Mar 2008

Most Awesome Work, Olga! My Mom went through the same thing! I can't imagine how hard that would be! Very Awesome Painting!

Artist Reply: You know Chris, your Mom was Dutch and you were the one like my kids!!! --It's great to exchange this kinda feelings! Loved what you wrote down at Frank Maguire's comics!!--Love and light for tonight~OLGA (and that rhymes!)

Seth Weaver 24 Mar 2008

An awesome expression Olga very rich and full of emotion. Your artwork is VERY compassionate my friend. We're all glad you are in America, Olga. You and your family are the Netherlands loss and our gain.

Artist Reply: Your compassionate comment is such a comfort, dear Seth... Thank you !! Love and Light~ Olga

Cynthia DeMaio 24 Mar 2008

Olga I love this, excellent composition, placment and colors!

Loren Carson 24 Mar 2008

You most certainly have a way with words. Great work.

Artist Reply: thank you so much for your lovely words, dear Loren! I just adore your artwork! ....Love and Light~ Olga

jamie winter 24 Mar 2008

incredible Olga!!!!!!!!!!!!!

KC CHANG 24 Mar 2008


Frank Maguire 24 Mar 2008

As usual Olga, you are above excellence and if you were getting paid what the paintings are worth you would be a millionaire several times over. Then you could return to Holland and buy a canal with a windmill and live happily ever after. But if wishes were pigs we'd never eat pork. Great art.

Artist Reply: Oh Dear Frank.... don't we love the pork as well? You so totally nailed it Frank!That's why I love you(r comments so much)!! --Love and Light~OLGA

Ann Fawssett-Atkin 24 Mar 2008

Lovely image Olga

Sandra McClure 24 Mar 2008

Nice work Olga. I work with exchange students and I know how hard it is sometimes to communicate in english. I love other cultures. Great video.

Johnnie Jumper III 24 Mar 2008

Hey Olga, NICE WORK!!

paul megens 24 Mar 2008

mooi Olga !

Robin Foss 24 Mar 2008

Very well done.

Mildred Ann Utroska 24 Mar 2008

Lovely colors and composition.

Jerie kunitsky 24 Mar 2008

I love this video and the Ave Maria is soooo beautiful and appropriate. My children do not understand me at times ... and other times I do not understand them at all ...and we all speak English...or try... This work is just wonderful..a truly fantastic piece.

Artist Reply: I can't tell you how right you are.... Thank yolu so much for your loving and caring comment. You're a dear friend. WE ALL missed you in class today! Heard your class at CCA was wonderful! love and Light and a big hug for you!--OLGA

Maria Murphy 24 Mar 2008


Anneke Hut 24 Mar 2008

It's so full of emotion, especially with the music to it. Very beautiful, Olga!

derek shockey 24 Mar 2008

fantastic work!!!

Patty Day 24 Mar 2008

Awesome work my friend!!! Great colors!

stephanie atlee 24 Mar 2008

Great use of colors and shapes...really well done

Cathy Jones 24 Mar 2008

WOW! how wonderful this work is in conveying such an emotional journey! Olga dear, life is an adventure!

David Mask 24 Mar 2008

I like it.

Olga Dmytrenko 24 Mar 2008

Fantastic piece, Olga!

Gerard van den Berge 24 Mar 2008

Prachtig werk Olga en je titel zie ik terug in je werk ;

Vivian Gutierrez 24 Mar 2008

Beautiful and so interesting

Julie Mayser 24 Mar 2008

I can feel the anguish in this.... the harsh realities of daily life. Yet, it is a beautiful piece of artwork as well.

Prabhakar Bhosale 24 Mar 2008

Excellent work Olga as usual. It is pleasure to look at.

Anna Finkelstein 24 Mar 2008

These are very touching images Olga, I like the juxtaposition of the figures with the abstract colour....

Nira Dabush 24 Mar 2008

Lovely work, dear Olga..unique mixture of colour and media. Love the video you added here..simply wonderful !

Joke Schotting 24 Mar 2008


luci reader 24 Mar 2008

Olga, i love the video, is that you and your child?,,, the paintng is wonderful...

Nelly van Nieuwenhuijzen 24 Mar 2008

beautiful work!!!!