Barbegazi are mythical creatures from Swiss mythology. They are a kind of dwarf with a long beard and enormous feet. They travel in the mountains by skiing with their massive feet, or using them as snowshoes. They sleep the summer months away in caves and tunnels and do not come out until the first snowfall. The word barbegazi comes from the French barbe-glacée, meaning "frozen beard". They are rarely sighted by humans, but sometimes help shepherds round up lost sheep.


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Nira Dabush 26 Aug 2008

Brilliant work, Diana... just so imaginative. ( I wish to know did you get already artwatch ?)

Artist Reply: Yes, I did. It's a wonderful little tool. I don't always take the time to comment. One day my life will calm down again and I will be able to let people know how much I enjoy their work. Take care.

Fiona Hooper 04 Mar 2008

Not too sure I'd like to meet one on a dark night, but maybe they're kinder than they look as they help round up the sheep! Great work, Diana!

Timothy Shouse 03 Mar 2008

Like him alot-So awesome he's a compadre

v blair 03 Mar 2008

Fantastic painting Diana!

Alberto D'Assumpcao 29 Feb 2008

Wonderful pastel, Diana!