Our Big Brother

There were three birds who loved their big brother who always gave them seeds to eat.


Anonymous Guest

Sigridur Bachmann 05 Jul 2008

Excellent and funny with a great thought Indarto.!!!

donald laube 03 Jul 2008

He's a big softy If you are friends, right Indarto.

Irene Clarke 23 Jun 2008

Love your cartoons, they are very amusing.very creative

Thom Roslan 09 Jun 2008

Excellent......Like the thought behind it!

Gayle Taylor 09 Apr 2008

Great Style.

Derek McCrea 02 Apr 2008

Very unique work, I love it.

Tanya Ray 03 Mar 2008

Very fun and well done!!

Marja-Leena Landry 25 Feb 2008

My favorite!!Wish you lots' of good fortune in your "cartoon-world"!!

annette steens 15 Feb 2008

so sweet done!

Jerry 03 Feb 2008

Very delightful and creative!