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Johnny Depp, playing the character Jack Sparrow in the movie Pirates of the Caribbean.


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Mark Hanna 02 Aug 2014

I love pirates ...awesome job!

Artist Reply: Thank you very much, Mark!

Pamela Rivera 02 Apr 2014

great job! makes me smile :)

Artist Reply: Thank you very much, Pamela!

yves colas 03 Feb 2014

incredible portrait,so beautifull and so alive,all my compliments.

Artist Reply: Thank you so much, Yves!

Patricia Griffin Brett 11 May 2011

What an excellent likeness! It's perfect. I think Johnny Depp should buy it!!! :D

Artist Reply: Woo if Johnny Depp was really interested he could have it for free! :))) What a sweet thing to say, Patricia! Thank you so much!

John Cappello 03 Sep 2010

Creative Composition, Complemented by Realistic Clothing and Movement, with great Emphasis on detailed Figures and Knowledge of How it all holds Together is of Great Advantage. Obviously Much Expertise is Involved.

Artist Reply: It was actually a last minute's work for the exhibition, I've always been a big fan of Depp, so the it was an easy choice to paint him. I had much fun on painting the clothes and especially the 'ornaments' he's wearing.:) I'm glad you like it and wrote your wonderful comment to it. I thank you very much for it, John!

Hannah Beasley 28 Jun 2010

Stunning artwork!

Artist Reply: Thank you so much, Hannah!

michael west 08 Apr 2010

Now if only my Jack Sparrow was as nice as yours lol, great work and thanks for the comments :)

Artist Reply: Hi Michael, I just see I have never thanked you for your lovely comment, while it's appreciated so much! My apologies and my heartfelt thanks! :)

Cole Soucie 03 Mar 2010

thanks for the comment, you have great work!

Artist Reply: Thank you very much, Cole!

Stanko Buljovcic 11 Jan 2010

I know this guy...Aaaaa!

Artist Reply: I only know him from the big white screen! :)) Thanks for the visit, Stanko! :)

Caballero Salguero 15 Oct 2009

Thanks so much, Anneke. I'am the 101 comments... In one Wold of Pirates...Excellent Painting.Good portrait, well drawn,spectacular expression. Stunning. José

Artist Reply: Coming from a very talented portrait painter like you, I appreciate your comment greatly, José! Thank you, my friend!

Ina Collens-Mieras 05 Oct 2009

Hoi Anneke, I love him, Jack Sparow, well done.

Artist Reply: Hoi Ina, thank you very much for the kind comment to my work!

cathi doherty 07 Sep 2009

Shiver me timbers-excellent job!

Artist Reply: Thanks a lot, Cathi! :)

Sigridur Bachmann 30 Aug 2009

Fantastic painting ! Excellent clearness and colors ! Great composition and texture and colors, very realistic ! Detail and composition is fantastic !

Artist Reply: I'm so happy you like it, Sigga! I had so much fun painting this! Thank you, my friend!

Marika Antal 16 Aug 2009

i must agree with Andrew!!

Artist Reply: Hi Marika! :) Thank you so much for visiting my gallery and leaving your kind comment to my work.

Andrew Weller 13 Aug 2009

My favorite! I love the smile in his eyes! Great capture!

Artist Reply: Yours is so much better, Andrew! It seems we like the same subjects, don't we? :) Thank you very much for the kind comment!

Bruce Combs 11 Aug 2009

Dear Ms. Hut: Which side are you on, Matey? Peace, etc., Bruce

Artist Reply: Always on the side of the rebels, dear Mr. Combs! :)))

dawn davies 21 Apr 2009

fabulous, i love johnny depp hehe dawnxx

Artist Reply: He is fun isn't he? :)) I thank you for all your beautiful words to my work, Dawn. It's really very much apreciated!

Terri Guinn 14 Apr 2009

Allright Anneke! My Favorite Jack Sparrow! Wonderful Work.I Love It!

Artist Reply: Wow, thank you Terri! What a lovely comment!

Jenna Frazier 09 Apr 2009

Nice job, I just watched Sweeney Todd which was ummm odd :) good job

Artist Reply: Many thanks for the nice comment, Jenna!

karen Salley'Rice 12 Mar 2009

I think you have captured him at his pirate best! :)

Artist Reply: I'm a big fan of his movies, I think he is a wonderful actor. I'm glad you like my painting, Karen. Thank you!

Kristine St.Clair 02 Mar 2009

I love Captian Jack Sparrow. Amazing detail!

Artist Reply: Thank you very much for the wonderful comment, Kristine!

Anonymous Guest (IP: 26 Jan 2009

wow, my favorite character lol cheers

Artist Reply: He is good, isn't he? My favourite too! :))

Tara Baden 24 Jan 2009

very very good!

Artist Reply: Many thanks, Tara!

Ethan Vaughn 04 Jan 2009

and what a great canvas!

Artist Reply: Thank you so much, Ethan!

Alicja Kocaj 29 Oct 2008

I love too :), wonderful work!!!

Artist Reply: Thank you lots, Alicja!

Holly Martinson 28 Oct 2008

I Love Captain Jack Sparow, EXCELENT!!!!

Artist Reply: I love Sparrow too! :) Many thanks, Holly!

Michael Duhaime 01 Oct 2008

This is great! My wife loves Johnny Depp and she really loves the character Jack Sparrow! Beautiful work!

Artist Reply: Many thanks, Michael!

abby fox 21 Sep 2008

brilliant. like your style

Artist Reply: Many thanks, Abby!

Stacey Geyer 25 Aug 2008

He's my favourite pirate :) Great job!

Artist Reply: I agree, he is a fantastic character, my favourite too! Thanks for the kind words, Stacey.

Nilantha Lokunarangode 10 Aug 2008

This is wonderful job

Artist Reply: Thank you very much, Nilantha.

Ron Axelson 09 Aug 2008

Nice to meet you. Oh, you painted the real one? Awesome painting...

Artist Reply: Many thanks for stopping by, Ron!

John McCracken 25 Jul 2008

very nice, well done

Artist Reply: Thank you, John!

Tara Mason 16 Jul 2008

thats sweet! I like it

Artist Reply: I'm glad you do! Thank you for stopping by, Tara!

Magda Elsehrawi 07 Jul 2008

hehehe... Captain Sparrow would be very impressed with this! I like the details here... very very beautifully portrayed :)

Artist Reply: Haha Captain Sparrow could have this painting for free, I would be honoured. It was fun to paint this, I'm glad you like it, Magda.

Sue Warne 05 Jul 2008

nice - really nice

Artist Reply: Thank you for the kind words, Sue!

Jessica Stalvey 13 Jun 2008

Yay, Captain Jack! Great job!

Artist Reply: Heya Jessica, thanks for saluting the captain! :)))

chris kime 04 Jun 2008

loven it. Portraits are so hard in acrylic I can't do it. I'm addn you to my art watch.

Artist Reply: Your faces are much more expressive than mine, Chris! Look at 'suit of armour' and the 'charity painting' and your great skulls! Mine are just picture postcards. :) Thank you very much for the wonderful comment, much appreciated!

Adele Beverley 01 Jun 2008

wonderful. You've captured the Sparrow so well.

Artist Reply: Thank you for your nice comment, Adele.

Malissa Myers 27 May 2008

love the depp!!!!

Artist Reply: Me too!! :)

Roz Eve 15 May 2008

This is great, I love pirates.

Artist Reply: I do too, especially this one! :) Many thanks for the visit, Roz!

Amanda Warzel 14 May 2008

Very well done. I so rarely see portraits done in acrylic--and it's so so good.

Artist Reply: I know, portraits are very often done with pencils or pastels, I would never be able to make them as beautiful as yours. Thank you very much for your nice comments, Amanda.

Donald Dolanski 06 May 2008

Eye! 'Tis a fine piece of craftmenship ye have 'ere matey! Nice color. Great composition. Excellent detail!

Artist Reply: Aya captain, thanks for visiting my pirate! :)

Irmina Santaika 28 Apr 2008

Very good done too...

Artist Reply: Thanks a lot, Irmina!

Eto Gabashvili 25 Apr 2008

This looks absolutely wonderful! Very well done! :)

Artist Reply: Thank you very much, Eto!

Sharon Farber 23 Apr 2008

Awesome painting!!

Artist Reply: Hi Sharon, thanks for the visit and the kind words!

Gerrie Olly 21 Apr 2008

WOW Anneke Your painting is wonderful. I especially love the large version, the details show up better as well as the subtle changes in colors. You have also caught Jack's bit of whimsy and humor! Great Job!!!! xoxo

Artist Reply: That Jack is a great character, isn't he? Thank you for your beautiful comment, Gerrie!

Marion Borchert 15 Apr 2008

Really nice portrait of Jack!

Artist Reply: Hi Marion, thank you very much for your kind words!

Gavin North 11 Apr 2008

Ah Jack Sparrow, he will definitely go down in pirate history, this is an excellent piece Anneke you have captured the spirit and likeness beautifully, well done my friend

Artist Reply: I love the free spirit of the pirate, I think Johnny really gave the character a face. It was much fun to paint this. Gavin, thank you very much for the visit and your wonderful words.

Billy Welch 09 Apr 2008


Artist Reply: Haha I think Johnny is cool and so are you, Billy! :) Thanks a lot for the comment!

NVJasmin Rodriguez Garcia 26 Mar 2008

precioso!!!!love it!!!!!!how are you!!!!:)

Artist Reply: Hey Jasmin, thank you, great to see you again! I'm okay and you? I love your new bio pic, very beautiful! :)

ciro d' alessio 16 Mar 2008

bello, bello!!!!

Artist Reply: Grazie molto, Ciro!! :)

Laurin Swango 03 Mar 2008

thanks for the compliment! Wow, you got his pose perfect!! :D

Artist Reply: Thanks Laurin, you've got the character perfectly rendered!

John Flynn 10 Feb 2008

Beautiful painting !

Artist Reply: Thank you for the kind comment, John! :)

AVE HURLEY 09 Feb 2008

Very goof pirate painting! Lots of details, good composition and coloring.

Artist Reply: Thank you for your nice comment, Ave.

Ginger Lovellette 09 Feb 2008


Artist Reply: Thank you for stopping by, Ginger.

Hiromi Green 08 Feb 2008

Anneke, I love this one! Really great piece of work!

Artist Reply: Hi Hiromi, thank you for your kind words! :)

Betty Fletcher 07 Feb 2008

This is amazing!! I love it!! Betty

Artist Reply: Thank you for your kind words, Betty.

george martinez 04 Feb 2008

wow! is really good anneke

Artist Reply: Many thanks George.

Greg Vilton 04 Feb 2008

You've definitely caught Jack Sparrow's personality! Beautiful painting!

Artist Reply: Thank you very much, Greg!

Karen OBrien 03 Feb 2008

so gourgouess

Artist Reply: Thank you, Karen!

Peter Skov 01 Feb 2008

What a terrific job you did with this. I love teh smile and the left hand. I will show this to my wife. She loves Jack Sparrow.

Artist Reply: I think Johnny is the favourite of many women. :) I'm glad you like it, Peter. Thank you for the visit.

Kenny Henson 31 Jan 2008

Ah yes, Jack Sparrow.... You have captured the look and feel just right!. I like it.

Artist Reply: Thanks a lot for your kind words, Kenny!

Riek Krog 30 Jan 2008

Wow this is brilliant Anneke! I liked all three of his movies. I wish I was as good as you, but I have a few years still left to get to your level. I will visit again to see more of your work.

Artist Reply: Hi Riek, that's great to see you here! Thank you for the wonderful words to my pirate, I think he would be honoured if he could sail your beautiful ship. I wish I had been as good as you when I was your age. :)

Tahnja Wolter 30 Jan 2008

Fabuous! Love that hand, is so 'Jack' lol

Artist Reply: Haha Tahnja, funny that you see it, the hand wasn't on my reference picture, apparantly we have the same idea of the pirate. :) Thank for visiting!

Anonymous Guest (IP: 29 Jan 2008

Love your priate....Very Nice!!!!

Artist Reply: Many thanks, Anonymous!

Ann Fawssett-Atkin 27 Jan 2008

Striking image - lots of life in it . Good luck in the exhibition.

Artist Reply: Thank you very much, Ann!

cheryl hardy 27 Jan 2008

Your work is so awesome wow!!!! I love this

Artist Reply: Thanks a lot, Cheryl! I love your artwork too! :)

David Holcombe 26 Jan 2008

Good likeness. You are courageous to tackle such well known characters. Every viewer becomes a critic and they all can recognize a few millimeters of error. Good luck in the exhibit.

Artist Reply: Hi David, thank you for the best wishes, I'm glad you like it. I'm aware it has flaws, Johnny Depp, has an extraordinary face to paint. But it was a joy to make it. :)

Visionary Imagist 26 Jan 2008

Anneke: very nicely constructed and painted. well done. it is great to see your new works. keep them coming. I really like this painting.

Artist Reply: Hi Joey, good to see you! Thank you for your kind words, more to come soon. :)

Liz Robinson 26 Jan 2008

Wonderful work Anneke...absolutely love it.

Artist Reply: Hi Liz, thanks for visiting my gallery and writing your kind comment!

merle cruser 24 Jan 2008

Fantastic work!!

Artist Reply: Hi Merle, thank you for the visit and the kind comment!

Nira Dabush 22 Jan 2008

SUPERB WORK,Anneke..Great portrait of Johnny Depp..OUTSTANDING!!

Artist Reply: Hello Nira, many thanks for your wonderful words! :)

Gayle Taylor 22 Jan 2008


Artist Reply: Thanks for the visit and the kind words, Gayle.

Joanna Jungjohann 21 Jan 2008

awww a marvelous piece superb work, anneke. peace, jo.

Artist Reply: Hi Joanna, thanks a lot for your comment to my new painting!

Irene Rencsi 21 Jan 2008

Very nice work! Amazing detail!

Artist Reply: Thank you very much Irene!

Cristina Marsi 21 Jan 2008

Very good!

Artist Reply: Thank you, Cristina! :)

Neil Higgs 21 Jan 2008

Fantastic painting...I`ve thought about painting this chap but have held off! Great work.

Artist Reply: I would love to see a Depp created by you, would be great! Thanks for the nice comment, Neil! :)

Rusty Woodward-Gladdish 21 Jan 2008

Hello Anneke! Happy New Year! What an amazing painting! Wonderful details and very theatrical! Love everything about this one! Brilliant artwork!

Artist Reply: Thanks a lot Rusty! Wishing you a great 2008 too! :)

kevin rollins 21 Jan 2008

fantastic work!!

Artist Reply: Hi Kevin, thank you for visiting my place and leaving your kind words.

Gabriele Swanson 20 Jan 2008

outstanding work Anneke

Artist Reply: Thank you, Gabriele!

Reba McDonald 20 Jan 2008

Teriffic work Anneke.

Artist Reply: Hello dear Reba, I thank you very much for visitng my gallery and leaving your wonderful comment to my work!

Seth Weaver 20 Jan 2008

Awesome work Anneke. This is a great portrait, very well done.

Artist Reply: Hi Seth, your comments are always highly appreciated, thanks for stopping by! :)

Robin Webster 20 Jan 2008

Fabulous! I love the detail and likeness!

Artist Reply: Thanks a lot, Robin!

Barry Huyett 20 Jan 2008

great movie.......better ART.....well done!!

Artist Reply: Yes, I liked the movie too! Thank you for you kind words, Barry!

Mrs.David Jobes(Dee) Jobes 20 Jan 2008

FANTASTIC likeness!!!Superb brushwork!!!STUNNING portrait!!!,Dee&David Jobes :):)

Bev Chudey 20 Jan 2008

Wow Anneke Love it!! Great likeness!!!

Artist Reply: Thank you very much, Bev!

Olga van Dijk 20 Jan 2008

G E W E L D I G werk Anneke! Wat een leuk onderwerp voor een tentoonstelling! Vertel me hoe dit schitterende werk is ontvangen! Fijne zondag Anneke! --Love and Light~OLGA

Artist Reply: Hallo Olga, het onderwerp is gekozen door Gerrie Kraan, de lerares van Scholen in de Kunst, maar de tentoonstelling is nog niet begonnen, altijd spannend van te voren. :) Bedankt voor je comment! Een hele fijne week toegewenst!

helen tyralik 20 Jan 2008

good artwork

Artist Reply: Thank you Helen!

Jerry 19 Jan 2008

Great portrait, details, colors and artwork!

Artist Reply: Thank you so much for the kind words, Jerry!

Martha Miller 19 Jan 2008

Anneke This is just fantastic,.,. Very very nice. Johnny is a fave of mine.

Artist Reply: Mine too! Thank you for the visit to my gallery, dear friend!

Phil Cashdollar 19 Jan 2008

fantastic work anneke... you rock girl..

Artist Reply: Phil, the old rocker thanks you! LOL

John Sweeney 19 Jan 2008

Very Nice Job!

Artist Reply: Many thanks, John!

brenda coster 19 Jan 2008

This is really beautiful work! Great!

Artist Reply: Hello Brenda, thank you very much! :)

Lili Segal 19 Jan 2008

Wonderful artwork, Anneke!

Artist Reply: Thank you very much, Lili. :)

Vincent von Frese 19 Jan 2008

Very good painting!

Alberto D'Assumpcao 19 Jan 2008

Excellent work, Anneke!! Very well rendered!

Artist Reply: Thanks a lot, Alberto!!

jamie winter 19 Jan 2008

Anneke this is awesom ejust grera i love it.!!!

Artist Reply: Hi Jamie, so great to see you on the boards again! Thank you very much for having a look at my new painting!

Pat Abbott 19 Jan 2008

Very nice work, Anneke.

Artist Reply: Hi Pat, thank you for visiting my pirate and leaving your kind comment.

Ruth Kauffman 19 Jan 2008

Anneke...This is BRILLIANT work!!!!

Delores Knowles 19 Jan 2008

Wonderful work.

Artist Reply: Many thanks, Delores, glad to see you here. :)

Emily Reed 19 Jan 2008


Artist Reply: That's a very nice gesture, Emily. Thank you!! :)

annette steens 19 Jan 2008

Anneke Chapeau, prachtig gedaan! An excellent Johnny as Sparrow!You did his clothes wonderful!

Artist Reply: Hi Annette, how is the cold Norway? Thank you for the visit and the kind words!

Joke Schotting 19 Jan 2008

Awesome work Anneke!!!!!

Artist Reply: Hi Joke, thank you very much!