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WW for Coney Island

mixed media on transparent, plastic CD, 6 ATCards cm 6x8 to over/underimpose on the Wonder Wheel dedicated to Sticker Dude portraied in the center.Since Brooklyn is the furthest to Coney Island I will travel in 2007 (at least by mail), I had sent this Mail Art Work to Sticker Dude for his exhibition "SD Universe" at Art 101 in Brooklyn (December 2007) to recall the decennial of me being physically there on 22 June 1997. In the imminence both of Christmas and the dismantling of the Park, with this Action in C (Do) for Coney Island, I want to recall the places of the Wonder Wheel that will not be able (at least physically) to contain the imaginary of many...any more, but will continue to live and grow in the hearts of many.


Anonymous Guest

Jerry 28 Nov 2007

Creative and interesting picture!

Anonymous Guest 28 Nov 2007

Funny, funny...Sticker Dude..."Coney Island of the mind" (Ferlinghetti)

Artist Reply: Coney Island as a STATE of mind!

Emily Reed 28 Nov 2007


Artist Reply: thank you for your comments that make me feel part of a big word! All the best from Italy