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Come On, Lil!

I painted this night scene of Ivan, Mme V and Lil in oil on an 11"H X 14"W canvas panel.


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Reynaldo Villarreal 24 Mar 2009

Vivian Lovely, wonderful RV

Anne Vis 21 Nov 2008

Wonderful work, Vivian!

Valarie Connell 07 Jun 2008

Great painting and technique! I think the car came out wonderfully...Great Job!!

Mark Saxton 20 May 2008

really good. really good style.

CowGirlZen Artworks 26 Nov 2007

my lands i love these works! urs and lucias... always just amaze me. can i buy all of them!? LOL

Jean M. Laffitau 25 Nov 2007

Looooooove it!!!!

Jerry 24 Nov 2007

Brilliant lighting and picture!

Renata Cavanaugh 24 Nov 2007

Beautifully done Vivian

Blonde Blythe 23 Nov 2007

Great colors and composition! I love the way you make everything light up; and that Lil is SO CUTE!!! ;-)

Reba McDonald 23 Nov 2007


Lucia Stewart 23 Nov 2007

So adorable Vivian, you know I am a big fan and totally love your work!

John Flynn 23 Nov 2007

great beatnik feel to your subjects they are SO COOL DADDY-O

William Boyer 23 Nov 2007

happy to see your artwork

Kukua Akumanyi 23 Nov 2007

What a wonderful scene... delightful where are they going or coming from?

Nira Dabush 23 Nov 2007

What a splendid scene,Vivian ..really your own SO UNIQUE style..glad to see you posting

Emily Reed 22 Nov 2007