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Caught in mid shake

Bogie and I were on an old logging trail this morning Nov 07/07, it was frosty, Bogie Got doused with frost cause his legs are so short he went under a bush that I went over and a pound of the ice crystals fell on him, I photographed him while he shook it off. The light isn’t quite right but I thought it was so funny that I had to post it! I have been lax (I nearly stay in the woods in the fall, love the cold weather !) in replying to my comments lately and would like to take this opportunity to say thanks so much for the kind comments and I will attempt to answer them soon!

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Anonymous Guest

M Smith 09 Jun 2011


gerry logan 27 May 2008

I thought that he had a stick or some sort in his mouth what a cool shot it was so clear around him great job I hope you have many happy years to come and many more shot of your bogie. Great job

julie Marks 30 Nov 2007

I wanted to come back and visit Bogie. I love his big lips. I posted a picture of one of my dogs Willard that passed away. He had the biggest lips that when you pulled each side up they touched each other making him look goofier than he already was. I am delighted to hear that he might be a father and possibly a grandfather. Age does not seem to be an important variable with dogs. It is much harder for a 56 year old man to attract a stunning 25 year old. Mikey, my English Setter is nine (63 in human years) and Molly, my Irish Setter is two, (14 years old) and they are in love. Mikey want to wait until she is 18 until they actually get married respecting her early adolescence and hoping she does not meet any other handsome dogs like Bogie. I love basset hounds and your amusing and wonderful shots that reveal their amazing character.

Julie Deans 16 Nov 2007

great photo!!

Jean M. Laffitau 08 Nov 2007

LOL! Funny capture, well done!

Artist Reply: Jean bogie is my alter ego! of course he is much more handsome than I ....damn it! He gets all the girls!