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But...I'm an Angel!

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michelle leonard 11 Aug 2009

lucia, your work is wonderful and enlightening... i've always like the combo of watercolor and ink, you handle it very nicely. you art has put a smile on my face.

Jarmila Sabo 12 Jun 2009

Beautiful portfolio, Lucia!

Marika Antal 12 May 2008

so cute!!!

Shubnum Gill 05 May 2008

Wonderful images you have in your galleries!

Teresa Dominici 19 Apr 2008

This is cute.

Jennifer Hewitt 03 Oct 2007

fab work!

Carrie Ann Watson 01 Oct 2007

Stressie makes a beautiful little angel! Wonderful work! :)

Annie Dameron 30 Sep 2007

Sure, you're an angel, Stressie. We believe you. :) Great painting, Lucia. :)

cathy sharpe 30 Sep 2007

This is excellent, great painting skills too!

Brigitte Hintner 29 Sep 2007

What great imagination you have , bravo Lucia .....cute as always :-)))

Alexandra Dvinitninova 29 Sep 2007

dont worry , you will be reincarnated as a dog soon.

Jessica Courtley-Rose 29 Sep 2007

This reminds me of my son. He always gives those large eyes! Love your work!

Hassan Pasha 28 Sep 2007

awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww i never heard of devlish angels before .. but then i know there are exceptions .. hehehhehe .. just teasing ya stressie ... you are the cutest angel by far :) ... bet you fly around and touch people's lives .. well you sure have touched mine in so many ways that you are not even aware of .. my very own lil feline angel you are .. how are things with ya? how is Lucia? are you taking care of her or is it always the other way around? LOL .. give her a hug and a kiss for me when you see her

jamie winter 28 Sep 2007

oh i love stressi trying to convince me of being an angel. lol. wonderful painting Lucia

Mary Janosik 28 Sep 2007

We have always known that..... :)

LouAnn Knight 28 Sep 2007

"OF COURSE YOU ARE!!" Innocent, too. but so durn cute!!

Anonymous Guest (IP: 28 Sep 2007

Great work!!!!!

John Swift 28 Sep 2007

What a cute little angel kitty!

Alberto D'Assumpcao 28 Sep 2007

Hehehe!!! Spectacular, Lucia!!! And the colours are perfect!!!

Ilunia Felczer 27 Sep 2007

Looks beautiful Lucia!!!!!!!!!!!!

Brenda Loveless 27 Sep 2007

truly divine!

Michael Forbus 27 Sep 2007

I love the angelic Stressie, she makes a great angel. Looks so innocent and demure. Love this image. You are so talented. I always love to see what you will imagine next. Michael

Maria Murphy 27 Sep 2007


Reba McDonald 27 Sep 2007

So cute.

monique cooper 27 Sep 2007

LOLOL.. now my kids get that look too!!...great peice!!!!

Lior Goldenberg 27 Sep 2007

LOL! She can fly now... Very cute!

Patty Day 27 Sep 2007

Great colors and texture!!! Too Cute....

Samina Islam 27 Sep 2007

This one is a beauty love the colours and the look on his face.

Janette Ihnatova-Dengo 27 Sep 2007

LOL!!! sure she is??? cute job!

Emily Reed 27 Sep 2007


Analua 27 Sep 2007

Simply marvelous!!!!!!