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Two Cats in a Dream

Which way dreams do come? Fractured English describing fractured thoughts meshed together in deep repose. Spacious are the dreams I have while awaiting unexpected miracles in the night. Colors so bright, countless atoms exploded upon the stretched canvas of my sleep. Now they find their peace in the world of the awakened. With oils anointed from my palette brushed with sacred vengeance to appear in the world of the conscious. You, the viewer too, now see what I saw evenings past. What do you think it meant? What does it portend? Jung and Freud and all the rest could not put Humpty Dumpty back together again. So why try. So I think I will just paint what I saw and let the angels in my dreams play with my friends the Two Cats. My angels do enjoy the time they spend cavorting with my two friends in the playgrounds of my mind. And to you that travel with me, as I have said to many of my fellow pilgrims before, SPACIOUS DREAMS and UNEXPECTED MIRACLES ALWAYS! visionary imagist "Joey"

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Maria Murphy 05 Dec 2007

Beautifully done ,again I love the way you paint the sky and clouds!!!!!!!!!

Artist Reply: Maria: Thank you my friend. I await your new works and look forward to your future sharing.

Doris B. Lambling 13 Aug 2007

there's only one place without any limitations: our personal dreamland. why ask Freud, Jung or other Scientiest about their meanings? Only one person knows the answer: YOU as you know. by the way, I love the dream-concept of the Senoi most. Me, I love this dreamlike (!) beautiful piece!!!

Artist Reply: Doris: It appears that you and I share much in our hopes and dreams. we are our best interpreters of our inner world. I am glad that you understand my humble attempt at portraying the inner sanctum of my mind. Thanks again!

Renata Cavanaugh 10 Aug 2007

I love the detail of your work...and your subjects are always original and so interesting. Pleasure always!

Artist Reply: Renata: Your heartfelt comments are so welcomed by this artist. I do enjoy your taking time to stop in and share with me your insights. I hope all is well and you are drawing and painting!

Anne Vis 10 Aug 2007

Wow! Can I share that dream, Joey? Great knor inspiration!!! :-)

Artist Reply: Anne: I would love to share dreams together with such a fine artist as yourself. A collaboration of continents, creatively constructing beautiful new and vibrant themes. I wonder where our collaborative art would take us? great thought for the day for me to ponder. Again thank you for sharing with me!!

TYRONE PAZ 10 Aug 2007


Artist Reply: Tyrone: i am glad that you enjoyed my little effort. Thanks for stopping in and commenting. please do so again!