Curb Stone #2

2002 photograph of a curbstone. This is why you should always look down when you walk. It's an interesting world down there.

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Anonymous Guest

annette steens 20 Nov 2007


Alexandra Dvinitninova 30 Sep 2007

Interesting way, to see the progress of evolution since the Roman time.

K L Marsala 06 Sep 2007

fab shot, really works well to a deep darkness

Visionary Imagist 14 Aug 2007

Elizabeth: one can find beauty and excitement if one knows where to look for it. And you definitely know where to find it. Great piece of fine artwork by a talented artist. Continued success!

Alex Preiss 11 Aug 2007

Excellent portfolio!.

Artist Reply: Your "Curbside Living" series shows that we're looking in the same direction --- down at the curbs. They're wonderful, aren't they? And who but us thinks to look down there -- never mind photograph it!! There was one photographer who, in the 50's or 60's I think, photographed gum on NYC sidewalks!