Drawn entirely using 6B pencil, This is my favorite drawing because it came from my imagination, and drawing certain things from your imagination is significantly harder than looking at a model and drawing them. I guess the inspiration came from my love to draw shadows and perspective.

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Alberto D'Assumpção 19 Nov 2004

nice composition

BethRandall BrianRoss 27 May 2004

cool! imaginative!

Mike Sankey 14 May 2004

hehe thats pretty groovy

seth rose 13 May 2004

wicked work your whole family is so talented exellent job

Matthew B. 19 Dec 2003

Hey hey hey. It tis I. Da rater of D's art. Well. not exactly, anyway what if nintendo were looking at this and put it in Super Smash!! BWHAHAHAH! I get 99.9.9 percent of the income of course.