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An art project at my school's library. A 7'6"x9' acrylic painting. Well, I really like this a lot, I volunteered to do this with without any real idea of what the school wanted vs what I actually wanted to paint on the back of this bookshelf. Thankfully for both of us, this was my very first idea for it, and it was a lot of work I had unforseen! Absolutely! It was an excellent opportunity to expand my art to a medium that required more than a 6b pencil and a tissue! Here is what was used to create this in order it was used: chalk line, #2 pencil, ruler, painter's tape, acrylic (black, grey, white, yellow, red, blue) Heres how I did it. First, I used a chalkline. I anchored it up eye-level to a shelf on the immediate right of the camera, where the picture was taken. Using the eye-level axis, I chalk-lined 10-12 lines per shelf. This breaks down to 10-12 lines per shelf for the six black "shelf slots" (2 lines each) for the cabinet and an additional 3 per shelf for the actual shape of the shelfing. 21 shelves total... That was a lot of chalk mess to clean up! Thoes 186 chalk lines were traced with a ruler and a pencil. After I had the complete "skeleton" drawn up on the shelf completely done in pencil, out came the blue painter's tape and acrylic. Yes, just with you were thinking, I chose acrylic instead of oil because it dries extremely fast, and it's durable enough to have painter's tape covering it and being removed without pulling any paint off with it... at least within a 24 hour period. And the other question you might have, regarding the books, yes, in order to use the painter's tape I allowed each book to dry for 24 hours before painting the ones next to them. So, I painted a total of 18 books per day. This gave me the daily creativity to paint fresh new books with a different color pallate every day I worked on this. It also helped me create a more random looking book shelf and creating duplicate books. The rest from here seems pretty self explainatory. Let me know what you guys think. And all questions are appreciated.


Anonymous Guest

Anonymous Guest 22 Jul 2007

omg that looks like there are real books right in the shelf you painted!! awesome

Vivian Allen 18 Mar 2006

Great partition of painted books on shelves!

Jerry 18 Mar 2006

Most excellent!