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Red Velvet BEAUTY©


It is so nice to see how members of ArtWanted inspire each other.

-an accomplished Freelance Professional Photographer-
was so kind to give me written permission to paint her beautiful "Velvet BEAUTY."

Enthused by my painting Red Velvet BEAUTY©
Hassan Pasha
-an AW digital artist-
wrote me the following beautiful poem:


What Can I give?
Hassan Pasha

You walk with compassion
On the path near and far
Oh! Caring friend of mine
The friendship you give know no bars
What can I give you Oh! Friend of mine?
The friendship you give, for which I always yearn
So many blessings does it earn
The smile you have is so pure and fine
What can I give you Oh! Friend of mine?
I pray no trouble come near you
You have the rainbow of every color and hue
Friends you have may be caring and true
What can I give you Oh! Friend of mine?
Should I write you a poem, or should I write you a prose
I believe I can give you a wild red rose.


Medium: Acrylics
Dimensions: 18"x24" (46x61 cm)
on a Studio stretched canvas.
Painted staple free sides.
Painting doesn't need a frame.


Copyright Olga van Dijk 2007
All rights reserved.
Unauthorized copying or use of images is prohibited.



Anonymous Guest

John Cappello 12 Jul 2013

Fantastic painting ! I love the way light reflects it's Delicate touches of Sunshine Bathed in Radiance and seems to be Relishing the Enjoyable feeling of Warmth together and Loved.

Katerina Koukiotis 02 Mar 2010

gorgeous so lively and detailed!!

Doris Blessington 19 May 2009

Beautiful feeling here!

Kukua Akumanyi 21 Apr 2009

This is simply gorgeous...

Sharon Gonzalez 10 May 2008

This is breathtakingly beautiful, Olga!!!!

Slobodan Kalupcic 07 Mar 2008

This is so cool ................. regards Boban

Vicky Rovensky 14 Jan 2008

nice.. i love roses

Darlene Bayne 05 Jan 2008

You are very talented Olga. Another beautiful work of art and I am one who loves color and you certainly do fufill that with your brilliant colors.

Mark Terrell 07 Nov 2007

Simply Stunning

alvaro garcia 23 Oct 2007

this so powefull, excellent flower arrests to mi

roullet françoise 30 Aug 2007

Great work!Wonderful colors'tinges,and what about the shadows...

Mark Saxton 14 Aug 2007

Gorgeous piece. On a side note: A spiritualists concept told to me once: the wider open or lesser open one paints a rose is the wider or lesser open one brings forth their spirit. Don't know if it's true and kind of Jungian, but my roses have changed in the way I draw them now. Beautiful piece.

Ruth Kauffman 02 Aug 2007

This certainly does look like velvet, Olga!! Looks great with the beautiful...

Andrew Hunter 30 Jul 2007

amazing work between a painter and a photographer so well done Olga you've done well here

Christopher Ewing 30 Jul 2007

totally beautiful, wow!! its as good as the photograph, what a talent

Dan Gagen 30 Jul 2007

beautiful image, with great brush strokes and sharp black background. something to aspire to.

Renata Cavanaugh 30 Jul 2007

That is a painting? Wow that is amazing Olga. I thought it was a photo

Nelly van Nieuwenhuijzen 29 Jul 2007

brilliant work!!

epsylon lyrae 29 Jul 2007

Fantastic!! And it's perfect there!!:)

Tabitha Borges 28 Jul 2007

stunning painting great rose to paint...

Lucia Stewart 28 Jul 2007

Stunning and inspiring!!!!

Kathie Nichols 27 Jul 2007

Stunning work, so very beautiful!

Tom Berry 27 Jul 2007

I thought this was a photograph... very well done.

K L Marsala 27 Jul 2007

wow, thats in acrylic... it looks like velvet

Amanda Tucker 27 Jul 2007

wonderful rose!

Brigitte Hintner 27 Jul 2007

Great work dear Olga , it looks very beautiful above the white sofa and Hassan's words great , too ! Have a nice weekend !!!:-)

Joke Schotting 27 Jul 2007

WOWWWWW Perfect so, beautiful Olga have a great weekend!!!!

Nancy Mattei 27 Jul 2007


Bev Chudey 27 Jul 2007

Absolutely Gorgeous Olga!!

Barry Huyett 27 Jul 2007

a real red beauty and well done.

helen tyralik 27 Jul 2007

wonderful,well done

thea walstra 27 Jul 2007

Gorgeous and outstanding work Olga

Anonymous Guest (IP: 27 Jul 2007

So beautifully soft and deep. Very beautiful work Olga. A wonderful collaboration, beautifully inspired. Mary

Barbara Stock 27 Jul 2007

A congenial, synergistic and sympathetic co-operation of three artists!!! Beautiful! Very well done!!!

Alberto D'Assumpcao 27 Jul 2007

Splendid acrylic, Olga!

Stanley Layman 27 Jul 2007

Nice combination

Blue Doll 26 Jul 2007

very Beautyfull Bianca !!

Francis Rivera 26 Jul 2007

This is a very beautiful painting! ^_^

Claude J Morrissette 26 Jul 2007

Fantastic painting of a rose Olga!

Anonymous Guest (IP: 26 Jul 2007


Mrs.David Jobes(Dee) Jobes 26 Jul 2007

Fantastic likeness of Bianca's Floral Masterpiece photo!!!Great tribute to a Beautiful Lady and Great Photographer!!!GORGEOUS work of Art,Olga!!!:)

KC CHANG 26 Jul 2007


Geraldine Simmons 26 Jul 2007

This is a stunning image Olga! Such vibrant colour and very striking. What a perfect complement with the couch. Well done! Cheers, Geraldine

Tahnja Wolter 26 Jul 2007

AWESOME! Bravo to you my friend, to Bianca and to Hassan as well. You've done a brilliant painting here Olga and I just love your work so much. Hasson, my darling lil bro, your heart and love are extraordinary. Bianca, you must be thrilled that Olga has rendered such a beautiful work of art from one of your gorgeous photos

Pat Abbott 26 Jul 2007

Very nice work, I love the rich red color.

William Boyer 26 Jul 2007

nice and bright

Karen Cash 26 Jul 2007

absolutely lovely Olga!!

Rob Keller 26 Jul 2007

Hey my art friend, this is some fine cooperation!!!! A great image, good job my friend!! Have a great day. Love Rob

Anonymous Guest (IP: 26 Jul 2007

Fantastic piece of art Olga!

Seth Weaver 26 Jul 2007

WOW! Just isn't enough for this stunning visual treat Olga. Bravo to Bianca, Hassan, and you!

Cindy Lemoi 26 Jul 2007

Outstanding job on this !

Carliss Mora 26 Jul 2007

Excellent, excellent, Olga!!

debbie collier 26 Jul 2007

Amazing color!!! Awesome work!!

Anonymous Guest (IP: 26 Jul 2007

Beautiful work!!!!!!!

ANTAN TUTRA 26 Jul 2007

this is for me OLGA, thank you very much

Anneke Hut 26 Jul 2007

What a wonderful unity, the sofa, the painting and the poem. Impressed again, Olga!

mel taylor 26 Jul 2007

Olga, this is a beautiful image. The colors are SO vibrant and the rose itself seems soft in it's creation.. It is most stunning with the white sofa! mel

Elf Evans 26 Jul 2007

A very stark a clever COLLABORATION...well done

Cree Hovsepian 26 Jul 2007

Congrats to the team! Wonderful subject/photo, beautiful painting and poetry and great to see how you inspired each other to create this painting. Olga, I can just feel the velvet in this beautiful painting!

Jan van Baarle 26 Jul 2007

Olga, gewoon schitterend! Knap staalltje meesterwerk.

Bessiemae Coola 26 Jul 2007

Olga, I wish to express my admiration and appreciation to you, Bianca and Hassan for combining your wonderful talents in this manner. This is a quality example of what unity of the arts can accomplish!

Anonymous Guest (IP: 26 Jul 2007

Everybody must itself make proud of will possess a work painted by an artist. 'Bianca Thomas' has excellent photographs. To 'ArtWanted' has an excellent team, however, the sin is not going to promote the sale of the works beyond these walls! Do not I give my support for Galleries, be traditional or virtual that 'occurred in the back of the artists', that of these depend and by these little or nothing do! In this planet no artist CREATES nothing. We transform everything. An artist need authorization of nobody for PAINT. This is a new work, to whose painted. Like this, all of the geniuses of the past had previous images for TRANSFORM. I have joy with the free art in the painting, a day I like to SEE some creation beyond than already exists in this universe by everybody we created. The man is capable of changes, that do not obtain this, will be like animals that enter in extinction! It forgives for this translator horrible, but I desired to think something against 'the dictators of the arts'. CM from Brazil

Anne Vis 26 Jul 2007

Beautiful work, Olga!

Anonymous Guest (IP: 26 Jul 2007

Olga..the anonymous was me NIRA..Enjoy your evening..I'll write soon a reply to you.

Anonymous Guest (IP: 26 Jul 2007

Stunning artwork and such BEAUTIFUL Presentation Olga..AWESOME And a great tribute to a great lady.

Doris B. Lambling 26 Jul 2007

wonderful (team)work - exciting rose and touching words!

Anonymous Guest (IP: 26 Jul 2007

Olga - YOU DID ANOTHER MASTERPIECE. I can almosst smell the rose. So Beautiful. Jim

Leo Da's Artistic Promotions 26 Jul 2007

Guys, this is GREAT! It pleases me to no end to see artists working togather.;)

Hassan Pasha 26 Jul 2007

*The rose speaks of love silently, in a language known only to the heart.*Mamaaa you have captured the hearts of all those out there ... WONDERFUL WORK OF ART .. and i thank you from the bottom of my heart for the honor you've given me by asking me to write you something ... i see my name along with yours and i feel like i am floating ... LOVE YOU SO MUCH :)

Anonymous Guest (IP: 26 Jul 2007

Guys, this is GREAT! It pleases me to no end to see artists working togather.;)

hugh thomas 26 Jul 2007

Impressive - really can't miss it. Good. Kind regards, Hugh Thomas

John Swift 26 Jul 2007

Beautiful still life, Olga and your presentation is perfect!

Penny Myers 26 Jul 2007

Now this is what this site is about. Beauty and talents all come together. I love it.

Anonymous Guest (IP: 26 Jul 2007

Gorgeous rose. Olga, the colors are rich and vibrant. Great work of art. Marily

Esther Washington 26 Jul 2007

my compliments , Bianca must be thrilled, for you to paint this so ellequent.......yes it's great that people can inspire each other to create wonderfull things.....

bert cortes 26 Jul 2007

One gorgeous red rose and painting, Olga. 10+

Jerie kunitsky 26 Jul 2007

This is by far one of your best works...totally awesome...The poem by Hassan is brilliant..You and he truly are gifted artists.

Fiona Hooper 26 Jul 2007

What a wonderful collaboration of top artists! And you have done an excellent job with the painting, Olga! Well done all!

annette steens 26 Jul 2007

soooooo beautiful dear Olga the wonderful rose you painted!Hassan's loving poem to it is super wonderful! We must more collaborate with each other that gives enLIGHTING in lifes of everybody! Good start on AW Olga! Also Hassan and Bianca!

joe valcourt 26 Jul 2007

great work immensely stunning

Joanna Jungjohann 26 Jul 2007

olga, wow, you grow them on canvas! outstanding beautiful awesome work!!~

Laurie Rawdon 26 Jul 2007

Incredible work Olga!! Truly stunning.

Denny Gholson 26 Jul 2007

Beautiful Olga !

bianca 26 Jul 2007

Olga my Lord this is so beautiful.....Love it...I am honored that you asked me to paint...I am at awe....You are truly AWSOME ARTIST and all your work is FANTASTIC...Thank u a millions for making me feel good.....this is a beauty...:)

Artist Reply: Thanks Bianca! You inspired me with your beautiful picture! I'm pleased you like it....Love and Light for you and yours, OLGA

Phil Cashdollar 26 Jul 2007

wonderful painting Olga... really great work