UNFORGOTTEN COLOURS OF MY LAND Hi all this piece started out as a landscape and wat i was trying 2 achieve in it was the rich vibrant colour of the landscape in my land of ireland sometimes i feel i miss the richness of colours in my landscape pieces and tend 2 stick wit the same old same old if u know wat i mean ...i see many beautiful rich colours arond me in the landscape dat is ireland from cliff's to mountain's and running tru river's and streams ...the beautiful rich almost regal purple to the sparkling's of sapphire blue's ...i really wanted 2 get these clour's in 2 my landscape ...iv been playing arond wit this piece 4 nearly 2 week's now and im done ...i scrapped the landscape buzz i was on wit this work and turned it upside down and inside out hahaha anyway this is wat transpired from playing wit colour i thought i had forgot in my land ...hence the title ...thank god im finishd it cause it was starting 2 wreck my head im sure u all know wat i mean ...wen a painting is not goin in the direction u had it planned 4 ...happens 2 me quite alot but i suppose dats the nature of painting ....hope u all like and tnxs 4 havin a gander .....choose ur FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION from FASHION 4 WALLS a.k.a. LINDA DUFFY


Anonymous Guest (IP:

Maurizio Miele 25 Feb 2013

great work !

Mildred Ann Utroska 13 Dec 2009

Superb and amazing.

Miro Gabriele 01 Jun 2009


Madeleine Weber 26 May 2008

what for amazing colours! all works excellent together...this painting has a great feeling!

Claire Failes 29 Feb 2008

Very Klimt n' rather beau2iful

Melanie Jordan 08 Nov 2007

with the texture and colors this is a great piece

Ben Kiger 21 Oct 2007

love this

Ruth Palmer 20 Aug 2007

Linda....absolutely stunning piece! I love your work! Honored that you would drop by and comment on mine, thank you!

ArtyRene 14 Aug 2007

love this!

Angela Drysdale 10 Aug 2007

gorgeous colours and beautiul work, Linda

Robert Reeves 10 Jul 2007

love the textures in this piece.

cathy sharpe 05 Jul 2007

Awesome stunning work, love it and your accented writing too!

nikos kanellos 29 Jun 2007

Great abstract,i like it!

Visionary Imagist 28 Jun 2007

Great use of color and texture. I feel the paint and the color is so hypnotic

julie Marks 22 Jun 2007

Linda, Art can lead us into unknown directions, but with your creative talent, I would trust the journey. I love this piece, the colors are stunning with great texture of your beautiful Ireland, noted for its lavish and gorgeous landscapes. This is a fabulous abstact. I love it so trust your instincts and go with the flow if this is the result. You landed in a wonderful place for all of us to enjoy!!

Booker T. Williams, Jr. 16 Jun 2007


sidney orr 15 Jun 2007

The symmetry and the textures, and of course, the colors work well... I would like more of a central poit of reference....but I know how the abstract goes on with a life of its own.... SO

Kathie Nichols 15 Jun 2007

Well the direction finished fine! Gorgeous piece linda.

Sally Pulford 14 Jun 2007

This confused my greatly at first. the images, the textures and the colour pallette gave me just a unsettled feeling. I really like it because of that. When art makes me feel, imo it has accomplished a major goal. As I study it further, I enjoy how you've worked with linear shapes in such different manners in one piece. That combined with the colour contrasts and textures has me sold. Now that I think of it, possibly it made me feel uneasy because now I see the bars of golds acting like cell bars witholding the freedom beyond. Hope you realize that all this long comment is a great complement to your achievement!

Nikolay Semyonov 13 Jun 2007

awesome abstract. truly appealing, for everyone has their enver fading smells, colors,...

Jennifer Hewitt 12 Jun 2007

oh i love the colours on this , they go really well with each other!!!! great work linda!!!!

Ruth Kauffman 11 Jun 2007

The colors are stunning, Linda!!! Beautiful abstract! ALWAYS love your stories!! LOL

Rebecca Wadle 11 Jun 2007

Beautiful colors!

Anne Vis 11 Jun 2007

Gorgeous abstract, Linda, great colors!

Hassan Pasha 10 Jun 2007

mind boggling ... and they by no means feel like forgotten colors .. more like the most remembered colors of your land ... FABULOUS WORK

William Boyer 09 Jun 2007


Mrs.David Jobes(Dee) Jobes 09 Jun 2007

Gorgeous abstract art!!!Stunning art,Linda!!!:)

Bruce Black 09 Jun 2007

Linda, The colors, textures and tones in this work well together. Congratulations!

Robin Brown 09 Jun 2007

Supreme Linda its got ticks in every box. All that naked paint with all its erotic texture. Your a fabulous master of your art. XX

Barry Huyett 09 Jun 2007

Great freedom of "EXPRESSION." Beautiful COLORS! Well done Linda!!!!!!

Joe Sweeney 09 Jun 2007

Linda hi this is lovely!! i just love this work.

Laurie Rawdon 08 Jun 2007

Incredible Linda!!!! Such gorgeous color and texture...nice to see all the colors besides the amazing greens we always see!!

Manohar M.R. 08 Jun 2007

Lind, This is a fanastic work, I love the texture and colours, great work.

Carmen Fuchs 08 Jun 2007

Gorgeous work, Linda. =)

Carrie Ann Watson 08 Jun 2007

I love the colors you picked for it! And the texture is outstanding! Beautiful work! :)

Elf Evans 08 Jun 2007

Outstanding work...sometimes we can't wait for them to tell us when "they are finished", this one really talked to you...

Emily Reed 08 Jun 2007

A really great abstract!!!!

jamie winter 08 Jun 2007

oh wow this is excellent Linda way to go girl wow

annette steens 08 Jun 2007

Love this work, Linda!

Anthony Crudup 08 Jun 2007

Linda wonderful use of color!!! nice piece

Cindy Lemoi 08 Jun 2007

this is wonderful linda. Great texture. Beautiful art.

dominique landau 08 Jun 2007

this is really beautiful!!!

Joanna Jungjohann 08 Jun 2007

bravo my friend!~~ Xcellence!~

Carl Huffman 08 Jun 2007

Love all the various colors you've used and while they don't covey Ireland to me, I've never been there. I particularly like the textures and light/dark hues of gold. I can see this in a office building lobby or in a fancy restaurant. Great job.

Joke Schotting 08 Jun 2007

Brilliant work my friend Linda!!!!!!!

Lucia Stewart 08 Jun 2007

Fantastic oil painting Linda! Love the textures and rich quality of this work!!

Lior Goldenberg 08 Jun 2007

Beautiful piece! Love the colors and texture!

Cathy Savels 08 Jun 2007

This looks like coloured sand! Such beautiful colours too. Really lovely painting.

cynthia berridge 08 Jun 2007

beautiful Linda, rich colours and texture