BARE&BEAUTIFUL Bare i sit and wait.... Ever wondering when.... And where he will turn up.... Until i see my.... Tantilizing luv.... I will remain annoymous.... Fading my body is.... Unified with contours of the.... Landscape that is my life.... ....Bare & Beautiful... This piece is a heavy textured nude of oils and is a commision piece iv just finished 4 a client in San Francisco...she seen MY LADY IN GOLD on another art site and contacted me 2 do a piece similar.. so here is the finished piece.. im going 2 b emailing her this image 4 her approval.. i know she will luv it cause her brief was "i dont mind once it is the same format as LADY IN GOLD and it is a funky nude " well i hope iv not disappointed her cause i tink this nude is pure funk... just look at her ass talk about a J-lo ur heart out girl ..dis lady has booty dont u tink guy's hahaha ...anyway 4 get about jennifer lopez ...well i cant really cause i had her ass in my mind's eye while creating this piece... haha yep really also i thought she was a little sad even though u cant see her face and dats were the word's came from 4 the poem ...mayb a bit naff but i tink it tells us a little about her and NO im not mad haheehoho...well it is my FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION ...from FASHION 4 WALLS a.k.a. LINDA DUFFY Hope u all like and tnxs 4 havin a gander also i 4 got 2 say any spelling mistakes in the poem above please excuse me ...tnxs XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

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Georgio Groussis 16 May 2008


Mimoza Oronova 21 Nov 2007

Very beautiful painting !

Loren Carson 20 Nov 2007

Nice work Linda. You are a kick in the A.

Olga van Dijk 19 Oct 2007

LINDA, what an awesome texture you achieved in this oil!!--

Brandi Mays 19 Oct 2007

i like how her butt makes a heart!