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The set of AmoTarotsCards2 is based on the theme of Tarots and is complementary of of my first edition of December 2006 (you can find both in consists of 22 cards, representing the major Arcanes, according with the subjectivity of my personal experience. The making of a second set comes from the necessity of exploring Love from another point of view. That is why the pictures that were in the back in the first series are well enlarged in the front this time. The previous main images become small gems on the back side, interacting with evocative silhouette due to the transparencies of the printing on common paper not too heavy. The cards are laminated so as to keep fragments of emotions for ever.This AmoTarotsCards still express in symbolical images the research in the heart of Love (Amo means I love in Italian) made through [email protected] performances by me, Laura Cristin in the art-identity of SHEren and the musician DArio Della Rossa with his pieces, in a sort of such a intimate reference that can become universal just because of its private dimension. For more details visit set includes a bookmark AMO.22 cards,each cm 8,5 x 6, made in February 2007


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Tabitha Borges 14 Feb 2007

nice layout of cards and life...good work

Jerry 14 Feb 2007

Most interesting picture!